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JUL 2018

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cost savings. Additionally, setup times are reduced by 75 percent, and eliminating the need for secondary opera- tions reduces costs by another 25 percent. "I'm extremely satisfied with the results," Mr. Hessey says. "e system flawlessly churns out about 300,000 of our traditional parts each month and has the capacity we need to take on the new customers in the plumbing market we recently acquired. ese are customers we could not have competed for using the old methods." Another reason Tramec Sloan is able to appeal to these new customers is the addition of an iFP Kleen Power vacuum parts washer, also from Gosiger High Volume. "We looked at plumbing parts made in countries without the environmental controls we have in the U.S. that look beauti- fully clean and bright," Mr. Hessey says. "We want that same appearance, but without harming the planet. is parts washer does exactly that." e programmable iFP parts washer cleans baskets of parts in a sealed chamber using hydrocarbons or modified alcohol- based solutions. e solutions are then internally recycled through a distillation process, thus protecting the environ- ment and saving money by recapturing and reusing the cleaning agents. Because different parts present a variety of cleaning challenges, the Kleen Power system incorporates spraying, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning options. ese variables can be applied either statically or by adding oscillation and/or rotation. In operation, the baskets of parts are loaded into the cleaner, sealing the cleaning chamber. A pump pulls the air out of the chamber to create a vacuum, and the chamber is filled with the appropriate solvent. e part cleaning program for each specific part determines the cleaning actions and timing. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the solvent is drained from the chamber and the system creates a vacuum to remove all remaining fluids and residue to leave the parts completely clean. e recaptured solvent is distilled and internally recycled for future use. e experience of changing manufac- turing processes and adding cleaning capability has proven to be a positive experience for Tramec Sloan. "e BTB system does precisely what we needed it to do and has opened the door to new opportunities that make the ROI very attractive," Mr. Hessey says. Gosiger High Volume | 877-288-1538 | Booths E-135602, N-236404, E-133143 CASE IN POINT 44 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2018

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