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JUL 2018

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By Chris Felix Precision Machining for the Medical Industry Here's a machine with the flexibility to provide consistent results on complex, high-value medical parts, working from bar to box with minimal human intervention. parts. It was initially developed to serve the watch industry and eventually broadened its scope for similar parts in other industries. Whether high-mix/low-volume or serial production, the parts are typically high-value and involve small, complex shapes. Bumotec's s191 FTL-RP high precision mill-turn (s191, for short), the company's long-standing flagship machine, is designed to deliver finished parts from bar and has proven successful on medical and micromechanical parts as well as semiconductor and other complex micro components such as those in the watch industry. is is a look at how the machine has gained popularity in the production of femoral head parts for a number of medical manufacturers. The Machine e s191 was developed 15 years ago to handle complex shapes that include either a ground finish or a dimensional tolerance to four decimal places—high-value parts. It is commonly used with difficult materials such as titanium, Waspaloy, ceramic, glass, quartz, Inconel and stainless. e A s the demand for advances in medicine continues to accelerate, driven largely by the increasing average age of the population, manufacturers in the medical space are challenged to keep pace. While these manufacturers may be naturally drawn to newly developed machines to address customer needs for more efficient production of complex parts, they shouldn't be surprised by the results they can get from a machine that has proven itself over time. The Company Starrag Vuadens SA, based in Switzerland, is home to the production of SIP and Bumotec product lines, the "Precision Engineering" business unit of the Starrag Group. Starrag manufactures high precision machine tools, employing 1,600 people, with manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, France, Germany and the U.K. e U.S. sales office, with about 35 employees, has been located in Hebron, Kentucky, since 2001. Bumotec is one of the ten product lines within the group, with a strong focus on medical and micromechanical 38 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2018 MEDICAL

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