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JUL 2018

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A Different Kind the load/unload station to access the workzone. In developing the Multicenter, Porta has designed the workholding system to be flexible. Mounted on each of the machine's three pallets is a receiver that can be indexed for position or continuously for contouring in B axis by the pallet. e receivers are standardized and remain in place on the pallet. Clamps for the specific workpieces mount on the receiver and open or close under the CNC, and the hydraulics are constantly monitored by the control. Change-over is accomplished by simply replacing the clamps on the receiver. is results in a change-over time of 30 seconds. For access to the fifth side of a workpiece, the fixture is designed to index 90 degrees to expose that side of the part to the spindle. While this operation is usually done on spindle three, it can be done on all spindles if needed. e fixtures are also capable of a U-axis option if single- point turning is required to finish the part. Running the Program Programming for the three-spindle Multicenter is relatively simple. Each machining center module has its own page in either the FANUC or the Siemens control, so its programming is basically one, three-axis machine with a B axis, at a time. Programming progresses from spindle one to two to three. Even though there are effectively three separate programs running simultaneously, there is no need for a separate synchronization control. Both of the CNC brands that Porta uses operate synchronization of the programs in the control's background. Because the machine has three spindles and is usually running sequential operations, balancing cycle time to eliminate dead time is important. Porta has developed a software package with Microsoft that is called Energy Characterization. Reading the power consumption from spindle motors, the software effectively reduces power for lighter cuts and transfers it, through regenerative braking, to the spindle using more power. e net result is optimized power consumption. Porta is compatible with Industry 4.0 connectivity capability. Some of its development programs are relatively advanced. e information available, whether production is 1,000,000 parts or 500 parts, is of value to any manufac- turer. Data is joining chips as the currency of metalworking manufacturing.. Porta North America Inc. | 860-665-9996 | INTERNAL GROOVING EXTERNAL GROOVING INTERNAL THREADING EXTERNAL THREADING INTERNAL FACE GROOVING EXTERNAL FACE GROOVING PROFILING BORING PARTING DOVETAIL FACE GROOVING SPECIAL TOOLING FORM TOOLING 888 - THINBIT • 888-THINFAX THINBIT.COM Made in the U.S.A. Since 1964 With over a million standard tools, we've got the "ings" covered. :: 37

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