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JUL 2018

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By Chris It didn't take long for Jami to come to the realization that she truly enjoyed working in manufacturing. persuaded C&H employees to understand the importance of this procedure and explained that it was something they all must follow. "Jami did an excellent job in convincing C&H employees that this was a new wave in the future of the company," says Stephen Spacher, director of sales and marketing at the company. "She demonstrated her leadership and commu- nication skills by being an excellent listener with obvious empathy that made employees feel they had been heard." Without intentionally searching for a position at the company, Jami says she felt comfortable in her quality management role. "Processes are what I appreciate the most about the business, so working in quality fit well for me," Jami says. At that time, she was also interested in ISO certification, so under her lead, C&H became ISO 9001 certified and AS 9100 certified for aviation. Even after completing this accomplishment, which took more than a year, Jami went back to school, still not ready to settle down in a career in manufacturing. She earned a degree in human development. While continuing working at C&H, it didn't take long for Jami to come to the realization that she truly enjoyed working in manufacturing. She leapt from her position as quality manager to an execu- tive position with the company. Although her human development degree seems unrelated to manufacturing, Jami says it has helped her immensely with her people skills and dealing with many personalities within the company and in the industry. Last year, Jami became CEO of the 120-employee business that she has grown to love. "As CEO, she continues to provide the motivation and energy to drive the company to new levels of production, while always taking care of the customer," her co-worker, Stephen, says. "Jami is always considerate of her demands on her employees, and she makes sure she has given them a goal that can be met." Jami says she loves manufacturing because she enjoys the challenge of discov- ering what customers really want. "We start with a block of material, and often- times the customer doesn't know what they want," she says. "ere are so many creative minds that I work with that have to figure that out. ey not only have to do it right, but also efficiently. I love being around thinkers as well as the collabo- ration and allowing people to use what they know and encouraging them to grow." In her first year as CEO, sales at the company increased by 29 percent. "Jami always has an eye to the future, looking for new technology and better ways of doing things," Stephen says. Jami believes that the customer drives production, and only an extraor- dinary team determines success. Her strategy includes integrating her philosophy into the manufacturing industry that attracts ambitious leaders and creative thinkers under a collaborative framework. "is employee-based approach, coupled with the latest technology in machinery, robotics and data software, will stimulate development and growth within the organization, leaving a lasting impact in the industry," she says. According to Stephen, it is a pleasure to work in a company with Jami at the helm. "She loves sharing her ideas and always enjoys a good laugh when things get too serious," he says. Parrish Castor Director of Quality and Technology DaCruz Manufacturing Although Parrish's background includes a degree in criminal justice, a brief stint playing minor league baseball and then working as an underwriter, he was destined for a career in manufacturing. Since his start at DaCruz, he has been involved in all aspects of the business and is known as the go-to person for organizing special proj- ects. He is responsible for reducing the company's tooling costs, regularly investigating machin- ing challenges and creating solid relationships with customers and vendors. Parrish has attended lean manufacturing and Kaizen training classes, is an active member of PMPA and participates in STEM- focused activities in his community to raise awareness and interest in engineering among youth. :: 27 SPECIAL COVERAGE

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