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For more articles about parts cleaning, visit our Parts Cleaning Equipment Zone. LINK :: Mr. Feamster says based on Ford user feedback, automa- tion is a favorite feature, much because the systems are so easy to use. e microscopes are CNC and feature a digital camera. "e system can be mastered by anyone who is not super skilled in microscopy," he says. "Users only need to follow instructions and go through a small amount of training." e systems allow review and editing of test results. All edits are logged to facilitate audits of the testing process. Customer support and training are the highest priority for Jomesa North America, according to Mr. Feamster. If there are complaints about something or suggestions to improve, the company implements changes based on this feedback. Clean Parts are Critical When purchasing a new car, most buyers don't think about how the cleanliness of the transmission and engine components can affect the way the car operates. Twenty years ago, after car owners had something go wrong with their cars, they may not have known that the issue was caused by dirt particles that may have already been present in their car's parts when they bought a new car. Companies such as Ford and Jomesa that are working behind the scenes to improve cleanliness specifications and part cleanli- ness inspection are helping car buyers get a lot more mileage out of their investment these days. More time between oil changes and less maintenance in general can be attributed to cleaner parts in trans- missions and engines. Cleaning standards in the manufacturing process have reaped financial rewards. Warranty claims have declined, while warranty periods have increased. In other words, today's cars are manufactured better than ever before. Jomesa North America Inc. | 248-457-0023 | 314.692.8388 f 314.692.5152 11600 ADIE ROAD ST. LOUIS, MO 63043 call or click: 314.692.8388 In the World of High Precision Collets & Guide Bushings, Schlenker Stands Alone. A Complete Line Of Superior Products To Increase Your Lathe's Accuracy. SMOOTH COLLET CHUCK GUIDE BUSHING BL-COATED GUIDE BUSHING COLLET CHUCK WITH GROOVES BAR FEEDER COLLET ROTATING TIP E dge Technologies represents the full line of Schlenker collets, guide bushings, and accessories for your fixed Swiss and headstock turning centers, as well as your bar feeders. Manufacturing and design flexibility are essential elements of Schlenker's success. Their keen focus on the evolving lathe workholding and bar feeding technologies make them ready and willing to tackle your unique and application driven needs. As our customers require more specialized solutions rather than standard products, Schlenker's engineered specialty designs are an added value for our patrons. Process driven equates to quality driven. That principle is the driving force in their 100% vertically integrated manufacturing, delivering your standard or customized products on-time and to your specifications. The finest materials coupled with second- to-none engineering and product production backed by the most vigilant manufacturing practices in the industry, Schlenker is the world leader in quality collets and guide bushings. See our website at www.edgetechnogies. com, give us a call at 314.692.8388, and get more information on how your Productivity Partner can help your bottom line. :: 39 SPECIAL COVERAGE

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