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Inserts Intended for Large Stock Removal Tungaloy Corp.'s grade AH8015 inserts are part of the DoFeed series, a high-feed milling cutter series with a close-pitched insert alignment, intended for various applications where removal of large stock is required, such as profiling and pocketing processes in die and mold shops. The double-sided insert geometry is said to bring benefits in tool economy and productivity. AH8015 is a PVD grade with a coating composition of AlTiN. The multilayered coating configuration with high aluminum content im- proves resistance to chipping and built-up edge, improving machin- ability for smearing materials typically used in the die and mold industry. A submicron carbide grade is used for the substrate for improved wear resistance. High insert density enables milling at high feed rates for machining efficiency. The grade also boosts the insert's resistance to wear and built-up edge when milling hard materials, as well as steel, cast iron and heat resistant super alloys. :: Tungaloy America Inc. 800-542-3222, Tools Deburr Both Sides of Holes Cogsdill's Micro Burraway series of micro deburring tools will deburr both sides of holes ranging in diameter from 0.040" (1.00 mm) to 0.092" (2.33 mm). The demand for deburring smaller holes continues to increase as applications ranging from medical parts, to automotive parts, to electronics are demanding smaller hole sizes. Materials can include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium and even composites. These holes fre- quently need to be deburred on both sides as well. The Micro Burraway line features replaceable cartridges that include the arbor and blade, and a holder that accommo- dates all the different cartridges. :: Cogsdill Tool Products Inc. 803-438-4000, PRODUCTS :: 55 MJ TOOL & MANUFACTURING, INC. Phone: 860.352.2688 ACCESSORIES FOR LIGHTS-OUT OPERATIONS 12 Bin and 40 Bin Carrousels Belt Conveyor Accumulation Table QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLERS ALL QUICK CONNECT COUPLERS: PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC, PLUGS, SLEEVES, BODIES, VALUES, FITTINGS, ETC. ALL MATERIALS, HEAT TREAT PLATING AND ASSEMBLY. JOHN J. STEUBY CO Please call or send your orders and inquiries to: Jack Steuby 6002 N. Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63042 Ph: 314.895.1000 • Fax: 314.895.9814 Quality is our BEST salesman!

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