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Force Measurement Products for Many Applications The L.S. Starrett Co.'s L1 system is a line of entry level computer-based force testing products for applications ranging from load limit and distance testing to break limit, time average, cyclic count and duration testing and constant hold. The system is designed for production and quality control testing. The L1 systems are computer-con- trolled testing systems designed for high-volume, production test- ing. They are said to be easy to set up, operate and maintain. Six models are available in standard and extended travels with testing capacities of 110 pound-force, 330 pound-force and 550 pound- force. All L1 systems feature a small footprint. Templates let tests be created, performed, measured and analyzed and limit testing, break testing, constant hold testing and cycle test- ing can also be performed. Touchscreen controls simplify operations, and the high resolution display shows results in tabular and graphical formats. Tolerances can be applied for immediate pass/fail indication. :: L.S. Starrett Co. 978-249-3551, Tapping Arm Efficiently Taps Holes FlexArm Inc.'s FlexArm GH-18-1 tapping arm has a reach from 17"-72", variable speed from 100-420 rpm, 360-degree move- ment and a semi-automatic tap lubricator. Additionally, with a caster cart, power pack, tap stand and five tap holders, this hydrau- lic tool can be used wherever there is 110 V available. The tapping arm is said to provide a more efficient way to tap holes. It allows machining centers to do milling, drilling and boring. When operators load a machining center and start its cycle, they can use that cycle time to tap previously machined parts with the GH-18-1. Tap breakage rates are reduced with the tapping arm because of its purpose-centered approach. With a tap breakage rate of 1 per 3,000 holes, versus 1 per 300 holes on a CNC, the tapping arm can reduce setup time, cost and scrap rates. :: FlexArm 800-837-2503 Filtration Systems Ensure a Continuous Clean Oil Supply Vomat fine filtration systems filter to NAS 7 (3-5 microns), oper- ate in full-flow mode and separate dirty and clean oil. At the same time, the system filters and cleans the machine. This means that the backflush cycle is initiated automatically for each individual filter element, depending on need. The other filter elements are said to ensure a continuous clean oil supply to the workpiece while the soiled filter element is cleaned. In addition, the wear and tear of the grinding wheel is reduced when clean coolants are being used during tool grinding. As a result, fewer abrasive particles are circulated in the coolant and the grinding tools last longer. The micro filtration systems are available in sizes from 70 to 960 liters/minute (18 to 254 gallons/minute) filter capacity and with add-on modules can be tailored to different plant configurations. :: Oelheld U.S. Inc. 847-531-8501, OVENS & FURNACES OVENS & FURNACES 847-546-8225 Large-Capacity Walk-In Ovens Standard sizes to 786 cu. ft. Special sizes to your specs Gas & Electric models Choice of air flow patterns Temps to 1200ºF Large-Capacity Walk-In Ovens Standard sizes to 786 cu. ft. Special sizes to your specs Gas & Electric models Choice of air flow patterns Temps to 1200ºF :: 53 PRODUCTS

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