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MAY 2018

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Edited by Bart Bishop CASE IN POINT 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MAY 2018 Mill-Turn Saves Time and Meets Market Demands T he Siemens Large Drives motor factory in Norwood, Ohio, recently upgraded its manufacturing capabili- ties at the 117-year-old facility by purchasing a WFL MillTurn Technologies M80 mill-turn. e CNC machine will aid in the manufacturing of steel rotor shafts to be used in Above NEMA electric motors and, in turn, enable Siemens Norwood to fill a major gap in the market and meet customers' needs. Compared with many of the company's existing machines that are more than 30 years old and have required increased maintenance over their lifetime, this new machine saves time and uses less manpower. When shafts arrive in the facility as raw material, several modifications, including full-penetration welding, must be made before they can withstand the extreme torques inside a motor. e welding procedure for full-penetration welds requires three or four weeks of time-intensive, internal and external labor and quality checking. Almost all shafts require turning, milling, drilling and tapping procedures, which were historically performed on separate machines. :: The new CNC machine performs bores, taps, turns, mills and drills on five axes sequentially in a faster time and with less supervision, also eliminating former waste and potential risks.

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