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inches in diameter, and 60 inches long. Tolerances can range from ±0.001 inch to as tight as 0.0002 inch, and machining times vary from 10 seconds to as long as eight hours. Using technologies such as multitasking and full five-axis machining, the shop often completes parts in single setups. One such part is an enclosure for a military sonar device machined on the QTN, which was acquired specifically for that job and can produce the part for half the cost of the shop's previous capabilities. e shop runs about 10,000 of these parts per year. e sonar part requires OD and ID turning and some milling. e real challenge is the ID surface finish, which LCP first thought would require the part to be farmed out for honing. e honing operation would have added extensive time to the job. But knowing the capabilities of the QTN, LCP explained to the customer that acquiring the machine would allow the part to be made in a single opera- tion while maintaining the required surface finish in only the necessary areas, thus staying well within the customer's price point while leaving LCP a comfortable profit margin. e machine can complete one of these parts in minutes. As a precision shop in the produc- tion of aerospace and defense compo- nents, along with those for oil and gas and other industries, LCP knows its customers will continue to demand higher quality and lower prices. It depends on multitasking technology to deliver on these requirements. Doing More with Less When machine tool builders refine and improve upon multitasking machine designs, processing versatility increases, and the core benefits of multitasking are further enhanced. Combining operations reduces inaccuracies that can occur when moving parts across multiple workstations and eliminates work-in-process inventory that might otherwise linger between standalone machine tools. As seen in many cases, multitasking machines are allowing shops to accomplish more with less and boost competitiveness. Here's another article on this topic: Exceeding Expectations with Multitask Machining Implementing a multitasking machine with new CAM software enabled setup and production time reductions for the shop. LINK :: For more information from Mazak Corp., call 800-231- 1456 or visit Multitasking in Today's Shops :: 39

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