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in consideration of the honing oil viscosity will help reduce the amount of oil lost to carry-off. In general, the higher the production volume, the more carry-off is to be expected. ese losses are reduced if drainage time is increased, but this is seldom possible in a high production environment. Some users are known to use centrifuges to quickly remove oil from finished parts. Such steps also reduce the burden of subsequent cleaning processes. Petroleum-based honing oils generally have a much longer shelf life than organic oils, which are formulated using base oils from plant or animal sources. Users who favor the organic-based oils are wise to avoid excessive storage and make frequent purchases to always have the "freshest" product available. e service life of petroleum-based oil in the honing machine is long, providing the oil is kept clean by filtering and not polluted by extraneous, harmful materials. is state- ment can be understood when the absence of high operating temperatures or pollution by combustion products that occurs in compressors or engines are considered. Conversely, the service life of organic-based honing oils is limited by chemical activity, which changes the chemistry of the oil itself. ese changes are delayed by protective additives and promoted by exposure to air. e service life is largely influenced by the temperature at the honing stone—part interface, not the bulk oil temperature. ere are newly formed chemicals that thicken the oil and can have a positive effect on honing lubrication. e bad effects are the formation of varnishes that are difficult to clean from parts. Note that the transformed honing oil remains in the machine reservoir as fresh make up oil is added to compensate for carry off. erefore, at some point in time, the entire system must be discarded and recharged with new. Honing oil is often purchased in 55-gallon drums, 330-gallon returnable totes, or smaller 5-gallon pails. e use of a honing oil concentrate that is blended with base oil on site offers an alternative method of obtaining certain regular-strength honing oils. Concentrates are also useful to salvage existing petroleum-based honing fluids in the event that more lubrication is required, by making additions that boost performance rather than discarding the existing oil and replacing it with new oil. Value Proposition Operators are often astonished to find a drastic increase in abrasive life when changing to a premium honing oil. e extra investment made in honing oil that results in reduced abrasive consumption will generally pay for itself many times over. A good quality honing oil will allow the use of higher cutting pressures resulting in faster stock removal. A Here's another article on this topic: LINK :: one-percent increase in stock removal rates translates into a one-percent decrease in total labor costs. When the cost of scrap is considered, the wisdom of using quality honing oil is clear. A barrel of premium grade honing oil may cost twice as much as a barrel of oil not formulated for honing. However, the real value is found in honing oil that will produce parts to specifications at the lowest overall honing cost per part. Even the slightest decrease in cycle time or a decrease in abrasive consumption resulting from a better lubricant repays the cost of premium honing oil many times over. To achieve optimal results, don't cheap out when it's time to buy honing oil. It's more specialized than expected. For more information for Sunnen Products Co., call 800-325-3670 or visit CONTRIBUTOR Barr y Rogers is a technical consultant to Sunnen Products Co. ATTENTION SWISS MACHINE BUILDERS AND USERS... Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Heimatec now offering Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushings for Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes. All popular brands. Smooth bore, groove bore, straight nose, tapered nose and other styles of collets available in various sizes. Adjustable, profile and reinforced shank style guide bushings, too. All brought to you by the leader in Live Tools... Heimatec. A perfect match! NEW FROM HEIMATEC tecnicrafts R Why Honing Oils Matter :: 35

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