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:: Honing oils vary in color, viscosity and odor based on the different additives and surface active ingredients included in the chemistry. :: Honing is applied to virtually all known materials used in manufacturing. surface and provide lubricity even as temperature and pressure rise. At the abrasive cutting tip, the temperature comes close to the melting point of the metal being honed. is high temperature occurs in microscopic spots at the points of cutting action, and without proper lubricant, would result in welding of the metal guide shoe to the metal being honed. ese tiny weld spots would be torn apart by the force of the honing machine, and the results would be a rough surface finish and the rapid wear of the honing stone and guide shoe. However, a capable, formulated "coolant" will prevent welding by chemically changing the hot spots from high friction metal to a non-metallic, slippery compound, which will resist welding. is welding problem is especially likely to happen with high-alloy materials, such as stainless steel. High performance anti-weld additives, such as sulfur, chlorine and phosphorous, are sometimes employed to prevent welding of the chips and workpiece material. Micro welding can produce scratches in the bore and damage the abrasive and tooling. Lubricity additives keep the abrasive clean. Different honing oils are avail- able with various levels of additives to meet the individual application needs. Formulated honing oils are specifi- cally designed to deliver the fastest stock removal rates with the lowest abrasive consumption, while delivering the required accuracies and surface finishes, all with the desired effect of delivering the lowest cost per part. Low Performance Honing Oil Problems One sign of poor oil performance is a variation of the stone wear ratio. at is, the number of parts honed per abrasive stone used. e ratio of abrasive used to stock removal is dependent on many factors such as a starting surface Why Honing Oils Matter :: 31

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