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Page 20 of 63 :: 19 Helping Precision Machine Shops Be More ProducƟ ve and Profi table Workforce Development Helping You To Meet Your Workforce Challenges Training the Next Generation: Two PMPA Members Selected for 2018 STEP Awards By Miles Free – Director of Industry Research and Technology Two PMPA members were honored by the Manufacturing Institute's 2018 STEP Awards for excellence in manu- facturing. The STEP Awards, part of the larger STEP Ahead Initiative, were launched to examine and promote the role of women in manufacturing. Nancy Peterson, chairman and CEO of Peterson Tool, and Joan Wrenn, co- owner, Hudson Precision Products, were this year's nominees by PMPA. The STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Awards recognizes women who demonstrate excellence and leadership in their ca- reers and represent all levels of the manufacturing industry from factory fl oor to the C-suite. "These women are the faces of excit- ing careers in manufacturing," says Miles Free, director of industry research and technology for PMPA. "We chose to nominate these women because they each made signifi cant achieve- ments in manufacturing through posi- tive impacts on their company and the industry as a whole. Not to mention the positive impact they have had on their communities." Our nominees were both accepted by the STEP Awards, which recognizes their contributions, and is publicizing their achievements as a means to examine and promote the role of women in the manufacturing industry through recogni- tion as a means to inspire, attract, advance and retain strong female talent in manufacturing. Nancy Peterson, Chairman and CEO at Peterson Tool Company Inc. "Manufacturing brings innovative, func- tional products to life," Mrs. Peterson says. "I am passionate about that process and about the people who make their contribution at our facilities. Our people make the tools that permit other manu- facturers to make the critical products that make a difference in all of our lives. I fi rst fell in love with this industry working alongside my husband at Peterson Tool Co. and have cherished leading our com- pany since his death in 1979." Nancy's technical leadership and note- worthy accomplishments have had a profound impact on Peterson Tool Co. Following the untimely passing of her husband, Nancy was thrust into the top position of chairman and CEO and has since led the company to continued suc- cess. She was one of the fi rst female busi- ness owners to win a small business ad- ministration loan, which she used to grow the sales of a revolutionary line of pat- ented quick-change tools she launched in 1981. Driving increased precision ca- pabilities and reduced downtime for tool change-over on multi-spindle machines, Nancy's work on the new toolholders earned her the Gold Micrometer Award from the PMPA. In addition to making safety and wellness a priority among her team, Nancy has developed innovative ways to ensure talent retention. From leading campaigns to help individuals overcome alcohol and substance abuse, to connecting others with women's groups surrounding abuse and violence, Nancy's connected, com- mitted and compassionate leadership has touched many. Outside of her company, Nancy is well known for her personal mentoring, which has earned her recognition from a number of state, national and international organiza- tions. She has served as vice chair of the foundation for C200, as well as chaired the C200 scholarship auction, which raises millions of dollars for scholar- ships for students. Likewise, Nancy served on the Aquinas College Board of Governors and the Mississippi Uni- versity for Women's National Board of Distinguished Women. Joan Wrenn, Co-Owner at Hudson Precision Products Co. "Passion? Yes! Routine? Yes – enough to provide stabil- ity to the processes, without strangling the creative responsiveness required to make our customers happy," Mrs. Wrenn says. "Our workers can take pride in producing a product you can hold and measure, providing a tangible experience of accomplishment. That's why we have 25- and 50-year clubs." As a member of the executive board, vice president, president and corporate secretary, Joan's leadership has touched on almost every aspect of Hudson Precision Products Co. As one exam- ple, her leadership in quality and enter- prise resource planning (ERP) shopfl oor management systems has been essen- tial to the growth of Hudson Precision. She personally served as management rep when Hudson aligned their quality systems to ISO 9000 and was involved with the review and documentation of all covered processes. Joan continues to be actively involved in the upgrading of quality systems, and she took the lead in implementing an ERP system and team within the company. Joan has spent much of her career as an advocate and mentor to her employees. She's also advocated for manufacturing careers to local citizens regularly. For six years, Joan served as a member of the Chicago Workforce Board. She also Continues on page 20

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