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PRODUCTS PRODUCTS 46 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: APRIL 2018 Machine Presets and Measures Multiple Tools Zoller's Venturion 450 is a presetting and measuring machine for tools. It has a func- tional design of operating elements and an ergonomically designed separate cockpit operating unit. The measuring machine has a direct connection with external systems and central management of all tool data with TMS Tool Management Solutions. It is said to provide flexibility and precision and features the ace high-precision spindle, a high-end camera for small tool geometries, as well as options such as RFID technology for process data transmission and software capabilities. :: Zoller Inc. 877-496-5537, CAM Software Offers Enhanced Functionality Open Mind Technologies' hyperMILL 2018.1 is a new version of its CAM software. It has a range of features and enhancements, including blending capa- bilities, 3D-optimized roughing, global fit- ting, rotational abilities for CAD electrode applications and machining simulation. The software's functionality includes an enhancement for blending machining marks found between steep and flat ar- eas, or located at the boundaries of rest machining regions. Using this feature, the milling tool is lifted to blend milling paths into another, preventing visible transitions from being generated. The 3D-optimized roughing cycle has also been enhanced for applications with high feed cutters. The step-over distance can be calculated from the scallop height measured against the high feed cutter geometry. A toolpath movement removes the rest of the material from corners when there is a large step-over. Intelligent cut division and optimized tool paths provide process safety for the remaining thin ridges. A feature can simplify the definition of complex surfaces or patches of surfaces. hyperMILL CAM strategies can recognize and follow the ISO u-v orientation of the surface patch. :: Open Mind Technologies USA Inc. 888-516-1232, C A M S y s t e m The only CAM system you'll ever need 5-axis MillTurn High Speed Machining Production Milling Swiss-Style Production Turning Support from 8:00am EST to 6:00pm PST Direct Corporate Support We respond in 30 minutes or less!

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