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a provider of chaplets for the metal casting industry and a manufacturer of precision machined parts. Founded in 1921, the ISO-9002-certified company got into the machined parts business in 1986 when it purchased one of its suppliers—a small screw machine company. Today, about 12 percent of the business is in aerospace with a focus on precision machined parts for flight compo- nents, satellites and rockets, including spools, isolation pins, valve bodies, shafts, electrical component housings and shield caps. "We continue to grow with our current aerospace customers and are looking to add additional customers in this area as it is a growth industry for preci- sion machined parts," Mr. Hoster says. "We have continued to add more sophisticated inspection equipment and are looking to become AS9100 certified." He does, however, find aerospace customers not very different than any of the other customers for which Smith & Richardson produces tight tolerance parts. "e only subtle difference is that many of our parts are assembled into our customers' components, and then the components are 100-percent functionally tested prior to shipment," he says. "Aerospace is also disciplined in the way it produces and documents the quality of their components." Mr. Hoster believes OEMs that are consolidating suppliers may stem from larger players acquiring smaller players, as well as some businesses being done overseas. "We have seen some assemblies completed in Mexico as opposed to the U.S." To counteract, this means doing and planning more for existing aerospace customers. "We continue to work with our customers to stay relevant by working closely with them on the latest projects, keeping our equipment in good working order to meet the exacting tolerances and investing in new equipment to stay ahead of the product changes," Mr. Hoster says. Adapt to the Industry Being Served Scott Carter is the CEO and chairman of Rable Machine Inc., an employee-owned precision machining company that generally produces low- to medium-volume, approxi- mately 3,500 part numbers per year. Aerospace covers about 35 percent of Rable's business. "We do a variety of work for aerospace customers, including commercial aircraft, fighters, helicopters and making components for parts that go into relays and switches, lighting, cylinder parts and various mounting components," Mr. Carter says. In his experience, any industry will have its own way to interpret specifications, so a company must adapt to the industry being served. "I think it's common in many indus- tries. We like to err on the side of providing more service for the customer. So we want to be their one-stop shop. What we've done is we listen to the customer, and if there is a service they're needing, then we, within reason, will add it." In reaction to the trend of consolidating suppliers, Rable has taken several steps. "We've added assembly operations because we'd find ourselves machining the components for an assembly, Mr. Carter says. If we purchased some of the components and parts, we can put it together for them and they appreciate that. It saves them the time." e company has also added other operations, such PREMIER TOOLING FOR THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY 109 Scott Road, Waterbury, CT 06705 PHONE (203) 753-2114 FAX (203) 756-5489 Call Today for Our Free Tooling Catalog Exclusive bearing design gives longest life. Somma broach blanks cut freer and reduce spiraling. Produce internal or external shapes on screw machines, CNC lathes and other machines. Successfully broach square, hex and special shapes like these...Call Us! BROACHING TOOLS 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: APRIL 2018 SPECIAL COVERAGE

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