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APR 2018

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Here's another article on this topic: Handling Machining Complexity with CAM With the increase in demand for closer tolerances on dif- ficult-to-machine parts, shops look to improve efficiency through simplified processes. LINK :: on-machine, in-process measurement by running a probe as a tool within the machine. Vero's relation- ship with its parent company, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, has helped in the development of a tool that supports a range of probe and machine tool manufacturers with embedded probe cycles and a comprehensive set of measurement features. Inspection is only one example in which the company is addressing the quickly advancing developments of digital manufacturing. "Vero is a combina- tion of seven CNC products, working hard to work more cohesively and share technology," Mr. Buehler says, "and as we function more and more as a single unit, we share components and data collection capabilities across our products." e Vero portfolio now includes the FASys tool management system, Workplan shopfloor management, and Javelin MPR software, along with other products that are also being integrated into the CAM products to provide a more cohesive environment. What Everyone Wants Manufacturers are collecting more data than ever, with the ultimate purpose feeding into the same long- standing goal—trimming time out of the production process. Monitoring machine tools for hours on the spindle, average load on the spindle and average travel of the spindle, or monitoring the life of tooling, can provide valuable data surrounding machine maintenance and uptime. Again, it may come down to seconds, but the more efficiency a shop can add to its processes, the more profitable it becomes. When this data is processed and applied automatically through the CAM package, optimized toolpaths can be efficiently generated to cut the path in the least amount of time possible. For more information about Edgecam and other Vero Software products, call 248-356-8800 or visit Tiger·tec ® Gold Go for better, go for Gold. For those who won't settle for anything but the best: Tiger·tec ® Gold If you had to make a choice right now – between maximum tool life, uncompromising process reliability and optimum productivity – which one would you pick? Why not choose the freedom to never have to choose again. Stay true to your own high standards in every way. Choose Tiger·tec ® Gold. Optimization with B Axis :: 37

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