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seen the need for 'missionary work' to overcome resistance to trying something new," Mr. Mund says. "is has been a hurdle for our Dynamic Motion technology, but one that is changing. We have been able to develop and apply this technology for milling, turning and multitask machines, and we're even doing tests with Swiss-type turning as well." Like many well developed software packages, often only a fraction of the capability built into the system is used. at is often true of CAD/CAM as well, according to Mr. Mund. "Our job is to educate our users on how to venture out from their comfort zone and try to access the capabili- ties already at their fingertips." A consequence of the freeing up of mechanical and toolpath constraints can be found in a new turning process introduced by Sandvik Coromant. ey call the concept PrimeTurning, which uses the company's proprietary CoroTurn Prime tooling. To an initial observer of this turning process, it is clear that the cutting tool is moving in the wrong direction. e new tooling allows you to cut in all directions. So, in addition to conventional cutting motion where the insert moves toward the chuck or collet, the PrimeTurning methods can also cut in the opposite direction, away from the chuck at a higher depth-of-cut and cutting speeds. Sometimes it even looks backward. e cutting tools that Sandvik Coromant developed for this new machining method are specially designed to maximize the edge utilization of the tool, allowing it to cut in all directions—forward, back, up, down, and all combina- tions—dramatically increasing the metal removal rate for the operation. is new approach also provides greater chip control and breakage prevention than conventional turning. e multiple cutting edges are designed to spread the chip load over most of the cutting edge, which increases tool life even when doubling the metal removal rate. is advance has great potential, yet it was not developed in a vacuum. It's true that Sandvik Coromant created the concept and the cutting tool capable of doing the work, but the newly engineered tool required special motion to meet its potential. Sandvik Coromant invited Mastercam to be a partner in the development of the programming software to accommodate the toolpath requirements for PrimeTurning. (By agreement, Mastercam had an exclusive right on developing motion to support this new technology until November 2017, and it was included in the company's last release). e strategies that Mastercam developed follow the rules established by Sandvik Coromant. For example, when the cutting tool feeds into the part, arc entry motion at a reduced feed rate is required until it reaches the "programmed" depth-of-cut. en, the tool moves backward toward the tailstock. e gentle engagement with the material enables the cutter to be in position to ramp up to its fully programmed feeds and speeds. Mastercam's experience with Dynamic Motion Technology in its turning and milling products made it an ideal candidate for the PrimeTurning development project. is is a case where one technical development leads to another and then another. e work done by Sandvik Coromant and Mastercam is an example of how advancing technology is bringing together specific fields of expertise, and the resultant output benefits the entire industry. It's a good time to be in machining. For more information from CNC Software about Mastercam's Dynamic Motion technology, call 860-875-5006 or visit For more information about Sandvik Coromant's PrimeTurning cutting tool system, call 201-794-5000 or visit US Representative: Schwanog LLC - Elgin, Illinois - ELIMINATE UNPRODUCTIVE SET-UP TIMES! GWS-TOOLING SYSTEM FOR SWISS-TYPE AUTOMATIC LATHES Eliminate unproductive set-up times. Technological competence comes from Göltenbodt! Precise positioning and highest repeatability ≤ 0.01mm due to proven GWS-column guide Presettable off the machine Quick changeable Coolant-thru GWS-tool holder useable across multiple machines High flexibility due to modular design THE GÖLTENBODT SET-UP-TIME MONSTER: DEFINATELY STILL HUNGRY! GWS-SET-UP-TIME MONSTER: Request now and relieve stress! Integrated coolant-thru Software Side of Cutting Tools :: 33 For similar articles about cutting tools, visit PM's zone on this topic. LINK ::

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