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PRODUCTS PRODUCTS 50 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MARCH 2018 System Requires Minimal Intervention Layton Technologies' lubrication coating system is an ATEX ap- proved design with vapor detection, flame detection, fire protec- tion and suppression system. It includes ultrasonic agitation and subsurface jets to agitate the fluid when parts are being processed to facilitate a consistent flow of fluid through and around the substrates coupled with an in-tank basket rotation system which ensures that all parts are coated with the lubrication. External automated handling combined with the standard fea- tures of the system allow for process and quality consistency with minimal operator intervention, the company says. This machine was additionally fitted with a multistation automated rotating load table protected by guarding and a fail-safe light curtain for the safety of operators. :: Layton Technologies 44-1782-370400, Series Used for Automated Deburring of Cross Bores Heule Tool Corp.'s X-Bore series has four chip making tool versions for the automated precision deburring of cross bores: the COFA, COFA-X, main bore tool and cross bore deburring tool. The COFA allows for deburring of cross bores by remov- ing burrs on the front and back of a drilled through-hole on even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle and radially removes the burrs without requiring the workpiece to be turned or the spindle to be stopped, the company says. The COFA-X system handles three types of bores: those with an identical or almost identical diameter crossing each other; bores that merge into one another; and crossing bores with offset centers. The SNAP-X main bore tool deburrs cross bores that allows several cross bores to be machined right at the burr base and is effective on shafts and drivetrain components with intersect- ing cross holes, the company says. The cross bore deburring tool (CBD) deburrs oil bores by penetrating the cross bore and deburring the bore intersection. :: Heule Tool Corp., 513-860-9900 Grade Features Bronze PVD Coating Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.'s AC1030U high precision small parts machining grade combines Absotech Bronze PVD coat- ing and a substrate for wear resistance and chipping resistance. In addition, the cutting edge of the grade provides resistance against adhesion and microchipping for surface finishes. The Absotech Bronze PVD coating includes a smooth anti- chipping layer for surface finishes, a hardness/heat resistance layer for wear resistance and adhesion technology for peeling resis- tance. The carbide substrate also provides chipping resistance. The grade can be used for high precision cutting of small parts consisting of soft steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, cast iron and exotic material. According to the company, the FYS Chipbreaker offers improved chip control and crater wear in soft material machining, as well as reduced damage to the cutting edge with the AC1030U. Application examples include stator shafts, valve bodies, structural steel pipes and sensor housings. :: Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. 800-950-5202,

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