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MAR 2018

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:: Ovako's M-Steel, well suited for the production machining environment, is a low-alloyed or non-alloyed product designed for superior machinability. is designed to meet the demands of high-stress, elevated- temperature applications where mechanical and fatigue strength are critical. But instead of the expensive, small- batch processes traditionally used in the production of tool steels or maraging steels for such applications, this product enables high volume production at a competi- tive cost. Environmental demands and the need to reduce costs inspired its development. With it, Ovako brings together advantages of tool steel, stainless and maraging steels with the production economy of lower alloy engineering steel. e alloying process for hybrid steel combines secondary carbide hardening and precipitation hardening to produce a steel that, according to the company, has shown to provide three times the yield and tensile strength of conventional steel at temperatures as high as 950°F. e properties of the steel are not fully developed until after tempering, and distortion is relatively low during this process. erefore, manufacturers are able to machine parts to final dimension in softer condition and then put them through heat treating to achieve full strength, reducing the complexity and cost of the production process. Worth the Trip e visit to Ovako provided an in-depth look at the root of our manufacturing supply chain. I've had a couple of brief visits to mills before, but this was the most thorough look I've seen of the production of materials that eventually find their way into shops. Ovako does a good job of product development to meet customer needs while maintaining a respectable environmental consciousness. For more information from Ovako North America Inc., call 805-802-1500 or visit :: By combining two different hardening processes, hybrid steel is engineered to meet the demands of high-stress, elevated temperature applications. For another perspective on my time in Sweden and my visit to the company, read my column from November 2017. Manufacturing Comes Full Circle fullcircle CASE IN POINT 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MARCH 2018

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