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SUPPLIER SHOWCASE LNS designs, builds and stands behind every product it sells, with local support only a phone call away. Bar feeders for sliding and fixed headstock machines: 12-foot, 6-foot and short loader bar feeders accommodate barstock diameters from less than 1 mm to 120 mm with quick, easy change-overs. Work support systems: Increase part control and stability. Chip management systems: Handle virtually all chip types and sizes from stringy to fine brass and aluminum. Available with 50, 250 or 500-micron coolant filtration. Coolant management systems: Removes 99 percent of waste oil contaminants in water-soluble coolants. Air filtration systems: Mist collectors eliminate mist, smoke, fine aerosols and other particulates from machine tools. LNS America Inc. 4621 E Tech Drive Cincinnati, OH 45245 Phone: 513-528-5674 email: :: PRODUCTS / SERVICES 50 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JANUARY 2018 NEW! GT 112-E Automatic Magazine Bar Feeder • New advanced bar feeder for sliding headstock machines running 0.8 mm to 11 mm (12.7 mm with bar preparation) barstock diameters • Av ailable in models for 12 ft. to 2" or 6 ft. to 6" long bars • 2-minute or less setups • Electr o-mechanical headstock synchronization • Magazine tr ay holds 30 bars with 7-mm diameter and under, and 15 bars longer than 7 mm Quick Load Servo 80 S2 • All electric, automatic magazine bar feeder for 14" to 63" long bars (not to exceed spindle length) with diameters from 6 mm to 80 mm • 15-second partial change-overs within pusher range by data entry or part number recall from 500 part programs library • Aut omatic torque and speed adjustment, automatic bar diameter adjustment for bar selection fingers and centerline alignment SFcompact Filtering Chip Conveyor • Self-cleaning system filters coolant to 50 microns • Handles virtually all chip types and sizes from stringy stainless steel to fine brass and aluminum • Filter system integrated into frame to reduce footprint • Uses no mor e floor space than a typical hinge belt conveyor • Uses existing coolant tank in most cases • Har dened track and other wear- resistant components insure long life

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