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PRODUCTS 40 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: DECEMBER 2017 Turning Center Machines Complex Parts Mazak Corp.'s QTU-200MY turning center features a main turn- ing spindle, tool turret with rotary milling spindle, Mazak's Mazatrol SmoothC control and Y-axis off-centerline capabilities for versatility. The machine's headstock incorporates a built-in spindle/motor design. The A2-6, 20-hp (15 kW)(15 percent ED) main turning spindle provides speeds from 35 rpm to as much as 6,000 rpm with 90 foot-pounds of torque for heavy-duty metal removal, the compa- ny says. Its spindle bore diameter of 2.4" (61 mm) accommodates a maximum bar diameter of 2" (42 mm). The main turning spindle also serves as a full 360-degree C axis that indexes in 0.001-degree increments. According to the company, it is a full-function CNC programmable axis that positions parts for complex and prismatic machining along with 3D contouring. Additionally, the turning center is outfitted with a 12-position, integral-motor turret that uses a roller gear cam drive system for digital indexing as well as expandability. The turret eliminates the need for curvic/index couplings, and with the use of tandem tooling allows the number of tool positions to be expanded, the company says. :: Mazak Corp. 800-231-1456, Calibrator Measures and Captures in Single Setup Renishaw Inc.'s XM-60 multi-axis calibrator is capable of measur- ing all six degrees of freedom, in any orientation for linear axes, and can capture errors in a single setup, the company says. The calibra- tor provides a laser system that incorporates technology with an optical roll measurement and fiber optic launch system. According to the company, the compact launch unit is remote from the laser unit, reducing heat effects at the point of measure- ment. It can be mounted directly to the machine on its side, upside down and even on its back. The XM-60 has also been designed to measure machine errors directly, the company says. :: Renishaw Inc., 847-286-9953 Collet Chuck Boosts Spindle Capacity Lexair's full-bore, fixed length, self-contained collet chuck allows full capacity spindle operation, becuase of elimination of the draw- tube. When using the full-bore chuck, spindle capacity is boosted as much as 30 percent, and clamping pressure is unaffected by centrifugal force, regardless of rpm, the company says. An adjustable grip lightly grasps delicate tubing or clamps tight for deep rough-cutting operations. The chuck can be used on main or subspindles, rotary indexers and machining center tables. When clamping, a mechanical locking action holds the workpiece, even without air pressure, for failsafe operation, the company says. The chuck uses air to release the work, rather than secure it, and spring force holds the workpiece while it is being machined. Accord- ing to the company, the chuck has full concentricity adjustment to help maintain accuracy when using master collets with S-type pads. :: Lexair Inc. 859-255-5001,

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