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DEC 2017

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:: The MachineMetrics Operator View allows operators to add human context to machine data with easy to use touchscreen interfaces mounted right at the machine tool. parts' goal met, machine status, machine name, parts' goal indicator and job status. Machine-specific actions can also be tracked by clicking on the tile, providing a quick navigation to different key reports. When a machine is in setup status, information specific to that machine is displayed. e status indicator circle will be yellow and only affects the part goals after any expected setup time has elapsed. e user is prompted to enter any parts he or she wants to keep as good parts. A selected tile displays a "Start Production" button near the top. If a machine is in setup status longer than the predetermined setup time, the user will be prompted to give a reason at the start of production. Finally, an unscheduled tile displays when a machine does not currently have a job dispatched to it. e tiles appear as grey with a light grey indicator. Although the machine may still be producing parts, it is not scheduled within the system. e tile will still show the number of parts and reports; timeline and diagnostics pages can be navigated by selecting an unscheduled tile. Why it Matters MachineMetrics was designed as a solution for the rise of IIoT and Industry 4.0, as the latter promises transparency and a connection between people, machines and processes within the industry. While the implementation of machine monitoring systems continues to increase, MachineMetrics' Mr. Immerman says many shops have been hesitant for multiple reasons, including fear of clashing with the current ERP system, operators' concerns with being watched and a general hesitancy to change throughout the industry. He says MachineMetrics set out to ease the implementation and transition process with simplified integration. All that's required is that machines are networked and accessible from their gateway device for a company to start gathering data within hours. "e average shop manager spends around two hours a day going around the shop floor collecting data," Mr. Immerman says. at adds up to 730 hours a year. With MachineMetrics, operators will now be able to input infor- mation directly into the system instead of management being reactionary. is way, a manager can track a shop's efficiency, identify bottlenecks, know when a machine goes down, know when there's a stoppage and when a job setup goes too long, get updates during lights-out production and make checking processes and shop management processes more efficient. Additionally, management gains the ability to monitor the shop floor while out of the office with a mobile- friendly solution. Information can be available through all network secured, internet-connected platforms, including computers, cell phones and tablets, in a seamless integra- tion of information. Helping the Bottom Line Mr. Immerman tells about one customer, a CNC Swiss shop, that gained almost 20-percent improvement in machine usage in the first year of use. "e company saves two hours of administration time per day on the machines, which turned into about 700 additional operating hours per machine per year," he says. "is increase led to about $42,000 in additional billings per machine per year, equaling about $1.5 million in increased capacity in only the first year with no additional machines. e company reached ROI on the MachineMetrics' product in only 11 days. is is the type of success we hope to achieve with our users." Companies can often be intimidated when implementing new software, both by cost and disruption. But from an ROI perspective, the advantages new software can provide often allow quick payoff. Easy access to information, at the shop and away, provides a shop the chance to excel and evolve. is focus on the machines makes them as efficient as possible and maximizes production output. Most important, it provides access to information that heightens employee accountability. With both machines and employees intrinsi- cally connected, a company can thrive. For more information from MachineMetrics Inc., call 413-341-5747 or visit ERP, Management and Related Software Zone LINK :: TECH BRIEF :: 27

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