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OCT 2017

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PRODUCTS :: 49 Solution Integrates Products into ERP and MES LNS is implementing e-Connect solutions to integrate its products, in particular bar feeders, into customers' ERP and MES systems. This will allow LNS customers to get full trans- parency about the workload of each machine, production cycle times and expected production at first glance, the company says. Large and small companies can benefit from getting equipment under control. While the e-Connect solutions to the machine tool and to the people are essential, another major step is the upcoming integration into the customers' ERP, MES and quality control operations. According to the company, until now such systems and the machines have not been efficiently connected, missing transparency. LNS is developing software drivers, which will gather relevant information from the peripheral, and, through a middleware, feed it to applications or systems such as ERP, MES or QC. These solutions are tailor made for each customer software platform. The real-time monitoring of all processes will help clients save time and resources, the company says. :: LNS America Inc. 513-528-5674, Machining Center Processes Large, Complex Parts Doosan Machine Tools America's DHF 8000 is an 800- mm twin pallet five-axis horizontal machining center with a nodding head. This HMC was specifically designed for the processing of large, complex parts such as those used in the aerospace, oil field and automotive industries, the company says. The nodding head spindle and rotary table (axis A and B) allow the machining center to handle a complete range of machining processes from roughing to finishing in a single setup. According to the company, this configuration makes quick work of multi-face workpieces and the five-axis simul- taneous machining of complex shapes. The nodding head spindle rotates through 160 degrees (up/down) and has a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, with 960Nm (708 foot-pounds) of torque. The Y and Z axis are fitted with dual ball screws to ensure greater structural sta- bility and accuracy, while the column is designed with high static and dynamic rigidity to provide optimum machining performance. :: Doosan Machine Tools America 973-618-2500, SOUTH-TEC #1918 CRT holder in action \ Tool in CRT holder COOLANT HOLDER & Qualified Tools CBN & PCD TIpped Tools The CRT holder is designed to create a ring of coolant around a non-coolant tool Pair with SCT qualified length tools for a quick setups and changes. CBN Tipped tools and inserts are ideal for precision boring of hardened steels ≥ 45Rc, cast iron, powdered metal, and super alloys. PCD Tipped tools and inserts are ideal for precision boring of abrasive non-ferrous materials, aluminum, composites, brass, and plastics. 360º of Coolant 800.383.2244 805.584.9495 Thread Mills Port & Cavity Tools Single Point Tools Indexable Tools Specialty Tools Scientific Cutting Tools System Combines Encoder, Bearing and Torque Motor Heidenhain's SRP 5000 angular positioning system incor- porates its MRP 5000 angle encoder with accomplished bearing technology along with a ETEL torque motor with ultra-low detent torque. This combination allows for high stiffness with low cost of ownership and can replace rotary air bearing systems used for metrology, the company says. Semiconductor manufacturing, metrology and micromachin- ing industries are industries that could take advantage of the SRP 5000 system. The SRP 5000 is compact in size and is only 46.3 mm in height and 124 mm in diameter. The slotless iron-core ETEL torque motor has a peak torque of 2.7 Nm, a rated torque of 0.387 Nm and the detent torque is 0.2 percent of the rated value. According to the company, the motor is rated for 300 rpm and permits an extraordinarily smooth motion. The SRP 5000 is best used with the AccurET position controllers from ETEL as absolute peak performance can be achieved with regard to dynamics, thermal management and position stability, the company says. :: Heidenhain Corp. 800-233-0388,

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