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PRODUCTS 46 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: OCTOBER 2017 Tool Magazine Combines Milling and Grinding Mill/Turn Center Enables Complete Machining Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.'s Quicktech T8 Hybrid nine-axis twin spindle mill/turn center combines a three-axis power turret and a 360-degree B axis with a subspindle that features a four-axis gang slide to en- able complete machining of complex parts with a capacity of 38 tools. The T8 Hybrid has two turning spindles and two live milling spindles, the company says. The 15-hp main spindle is available with either an 8", three-jaw chuck providing 65-mm (2.6") bar capacity, or a 60-mm collet chuck that accommodates 60-mm (2.4") barstock. The 42-mm (1.68") collet chuck of the sub- spindle accepts 32-mm (1.28") bars. Both main and subspindles feature full continuous C axes and are synchronized for part transfer. The machine's Flexible Duo System allows two programs to be run simultaneously, reducing cycle time by as much as 45 percent. Maximum turning length for the main spindle is 345 mm (13.8") and maximum turning length for the sub-spindle is 330 mm (13.2"). The main spindle has a rigid 12-station, three-axis BMT-55 live turret with a 5-hp spindle motor and 80 mm of true linear Y-axis travel. The turret features fast servo- motor indexing and rigid hydraulic clamping, and all 12-turret stations can be live. :: Absolute Machine Tools Inc. 800-852-7825, Haas Multigrind LLC's tool magazine has space for 70 grinding wheels. This feature enables Haas customers to combine multiple, high-precision, complex grinding and milling operations into a single part clamping and single machine cycle, the company says. On the CB grinding machine, the shelf magazine (2,000 × 2,400 × 3,200 mm, L × W × H) offers space for 65 grinding wheels of up to 300-mm diameter. On the CA grinding machine, the shelf magazine can be equipped with up to 70 grinding wheels of up to 250 mm diameter. The magazine can also hold as many as 20 coolant nozzles. According to the company, the high capacity magazine enables customers to add more operations on a single part and reduce change-over time between different parts by loading wheels and tools for multiple part numbers in the magazine. The Haas Horizon programming system maintains locations, dimensions and life information of all wheels and tools in the magazine in addition to programming the machine's grinding and automation functions. :: Haas Multigrind LLC, 574-268-0053, When the coolant becomes a Liquid Tool. Metalworking fluids to optimize productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality. Our specialists support you to get the best out of your machines and tools with the Liquid Tool. Please contact us for your local distributor. Blaser Swisslube Inc. Goshen, New York Phone 845-294-3200

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