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OCT 2017

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PRODUCTS Process Oils Formulated for Multiple Applications Milacron Holdings Corp.'s Cimcool brand releases a series of Milpro Process oils, formulated for slide- way, hydraulic and gear oil applica- tions. These include Milpro Way oils, Sure-Way 68, hydraulic oils and gear oils. Milpro Way oils are clear colored lubricating oils designed to reduce friction and stick-slip on machine tool slide-ways. Milpro Sure-Way 68 has been developed with increased demulsibility characteristics, allowing the way lubricant to separate more efficiently from the metalworking fluid, therefore extending the life of metalworking fluids. Milpro hydraulic oils include HY 32, HY 46, and HY 68, and are designed to transmit power, provide lubrication and protect gear systems. And Milpro gear oils include Gear 150, Gear 220, Gear 320 and Gear 460, oils that provide lubrication, cooling and protect geared systems from oxidation. According to the company, these fluids have been successfully tested for compatibility with metalworking fluids. :: Milacron LLC, , 513-536-2000, PRODUCTS 44 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: OCTOBER 2017 Tooling Series Deburrs Cross Bores Heule Tool Corp.'s X-Bore tooling series for the automated precision deburring of cross bores has four chip making tool versions available. COFA deburrs cross bores by removing burrs on the front and back of a drilled through-hole on even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle. It radially removes the burrs without requiring the workpiece to be turned or the spindle to be stopped. According to the company, COFA is the standard solution for round tubes, yokes and other uneven, angled surfaces. Heule offers three specialized tool solutions for cross hole deburring. The first is the COFA-X system, which is designed to handle three types of bores: those with an identical or nearly iden- tical diameter crossing each other; bores which merge into one another; and crossing bores with offset centers. Also available for specialized applications is the Main Bore Tool, which deburrs cross bores that leave sharp edges. And Heule's X-Bore series tooling is the cross bore deburr- ing tool that deburrs oil bores by penetrating the cross bore and deburring the bore intersection in a process-safe manner. :: Heule Tool Corp., 800-213-4341, Cucchi BLT America is now holding in-stock standard parts for all your barloader needs. With our ongoing commitment to supporƟng all customers here in USA, Cucchi BLT America is increasing its stock holding giving us the ability to offer you 24hr support. AutomaƟc Barloaders for mechanical and CNC lathes 6 – 8 spindle Acme / Davenport / Gildemeister / Index / New Britain / SchüƩe / Tornos / Wickman / ZPS / Euroturn Cucchi-BLT America, Inc. | Tel. +1 224 829 1400 | | 1521 Imhoff Drive unit F Lake in the Hills - IL 60156 - USA

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