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OCT 2017

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neither option was economically acceptable. at's when the company approached TGS. With a combined 75 years of grinding experience, TGS' President Dan Geddes and company partner Joe Giacalone developed the TGS machine with a goal to design and build a centerless grinder that would be precise and boast technological innovations. Mr. Geddes and Mr. Giacalone, the founders of TGS, knew the key was to engineer this machine with the latest features, but to sell it at a moderate cost. What resulted was the TGS-CL-6020, which is a centerless grinder that accommodates both through-feed grinding and in-feed grinding with a min-max diameter of 3 mm to 120 mm. "We applied our hands-on grinding experience with our in-depth knowledge of grinders and set out to design a quality centerless grinder that could handle even the highest volume production runs with extreme accuracy and consistency," Mr. Giacalone says. Mr. Geddes says, "We were looking to produce a more economical, more precision-based solution. We know what works, and we were determined to 'build a better mousetrap.'" Grind All compared several offerings, but TGS's CL-6020 stood out because its flexibility accommodates require- ments that the machine run a variety of parts and, most likely, two or three different parts and materials per day. e controls on the CNC centerless grinding machine had to be user friendly to minimize training time and shorten the learning curve. Price was a consideration for Grind All, and fortunately the TGS-CL-6020 had been priced to meet the needs of the middle market, whose options previously were low-cost, basic machines or expensive, high-end machines. After a series of test grinds, analyses and consultations, the TGS-CL-6020 was thought to be the best choice. e process went through several iterations, with the TGS-CL-6020 CNC centerless grinder ultimately launching at an open house in August 2014 at the company's Warren, Michigan, headquarters. ere, Mr. Matousek and his team saw the machine for the first time and appreciated the grinder's modern design, but were especially pleased to learn that the tooling from the Cincinnati centerless could cross over to the TGS-CL-6020. is meant additional time and finances weren't necessary. To further accommodate the AS 9100C criteria for certifi- cation, TGS modified the machine controls to mimic what was already in place at Grind All. "e machine's FANUC controls are great. ey've always been great. It's nice to be able to call TGS or FANUC for assistance rather than being tied in to some company's proprietary software," Mr. Matousek says. "e TGS is everything we would want in a machine. Once our new centerless got going, it has proven itself as a solid machine that will carry us into the future. It will be around for a long time." For more information from Grind All Inc., call 330-220- 1600 or 800-514-9421or visit For more information from Total Grinding Solutions, call 586-541-5300 or visit :: A technician examines the grinder. TGS modified the machine controls to mimic what was already in place at Grind All Inc. Here's another article on this topic: Automated Grinding Cell Adds Capacity Like many shops facing changes in customer demands, American Turned Products is making necessary adjust- ments to compete in the difficult, high volume market. One of those adjustments is the company's installation of an automated centerless grinding cell. LINK :: :: 41 New Centerless Grinder Keeps Shop Moving Forward

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