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OCT 2017

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Contributed by Kirby Gehrum and Randy Lewis T he vision of barstock automatically loading into unattended turning machines and pumping out parts overnight can seem like a dream come true. However, ceding total control of production to unmanned machines and worrying about everything that could go wrong is the stuff of nightmares. In fact, one machine shop owner confided that he couldn't sleep the first night he ran lights-out production. "I kept thinking about everything that could go wrong and finally went to the shop at 3 a.m. Everything was working perfectly. Now I can sleep at night." How can a shop owner prevent sleepless nights and live the dream? It's a matter of defining the goals, thinking through the entire production scheme, selecting the right equipment and documenting the process. As manufacturers face the challenges of reducing cost-per-part while meeting quality and delivery demands, adding a workerless third shift is a tantalizing possibility. It's also a bit scary. :: The bar feeder is a key component to lights-out operations. It should have the capacity to hold enough barstock to produce the required volume of parts. Preparing for Lights-Out Production BAR FEEDERS/MATERIAL HANDLING 32 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: OCTOBER 2017

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