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Biodegradable, VOC-Free Corrosion Preventative Fluid Booth 1403 Kyzen showcases its product CP90S, an aqueous, long-term, dry film, corrosion preventative fluid. CP90S is a blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors specially designed for long-term protection from oxidation during indoor storage. It also aids in the prevention of flash rusting of ferrous parts. According to the company, the product is biodegradable and VOC-free. It contains no CFCs or HAPs, supporting the company's commitment to environmentally friendly products. :: Kyzen Corp., 615-831-0888, Cleaning Chemicals Line Prepares Surface for Vacuum Deposition Booth 1321 NGL Cleaning Technology offers its cleaning chemicals line dedi- cated to preparing for vacuum deposition. The company's Vacuk- leen line of aqueous-based products is designed to avoid any kind of cobalt leaching on carbide tools, thus supporting the deposition through PVD/CVD processes. For all kind of industries, NGL says, this critical step must be perfectly mastered because it can strongly affect the durability of the product, and affect its qualities, aesthetic and mechanical resistance. A dirty surface will hinder the coating adhesion. According to NGL, the product was specifically designed to avoid cobalt leaching issues and the stripping chemicals aim to chemically remove coatings without affecting the substrates. :: NGL Cleaning Technology, 630-284-9694, Organic Acid Cleaner Designed to Clean, Deoxidize, Brighten in One Step Booth 1329 Hubbard-Hall's Aquaease 2289 is designed to reduce process steps required for cleaning aluminum and copper alloys. According to the company, the new organic acid cleaner is a one-step cleaner, deoxidiz- er and brightener that provides enhanced cleaning. The product also supports additional process improve- ments with wastewater treatment and maintenance of equipment. Applications include soak, ultrason- ic and spray cleaning for substrates such as aluminum, copper, nickel, brass and stainless steel alloys. Chelating agents, present in most brass cleaning formulations, can wreak havoc in wastewater treatment, the company says. The chelate-free product aims to reduce customer waste disposal costs, resulting in higher annual savings. :: Hubbard-Hall, 888-319-0744, Solvent Recycling System Produces Fresh Solvent for Reuse Booth 1428 CBG Technologies features its PW series of solvent recycling systems, specifically designed for precision parts cleaning. The PW series offers full integra- tion with new and existing vapor degreasers, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaning systems. According to the company, this integration produces consistently-fresh solvent through con- tinuous recycling and recovers 100 percent of the solvent for reuse. The environmentally friendly equipment line streamlines production by using consistently clean solvents that minimize repeat runs caused by rejected parts. The PW series also reduces production costs by minimizing the expense related to the purchase of new solvents and waste disposal. Available in 15- and 30-gallon sizes, the systems deliver a re- cycled solvent meeting specification requirements, and all models are UL 2208 and CSA certified. The series is fully-automated and features all-metal construction with a dual wall 304 stainless steel processing tank. :: CBG Technologies, 800-941-9484, Parts Cleaning Systems for Work Cells Booth 1317 MiJet parts cleaners from Custom Service Solutions Inc. are pow- ered by an existing shop airline, making them easy to incorporate into a work cell, near CNC machines or inspections stations, or in an automated cell. Model designs vary with some residing inside work cabinets (insert) and others as standalone units with a small footprint. As the hand-held nozzle is activated, it simultaneously creates an air stream for blowing off chips and liquids, and suction to cap- ture the residue. For automated cells, the unit is turned on and off via solenoid whenever a robot places the part inside the unit for cleaning. Exhausted air is filtered to levels that help improve indoor air quality and overall facility safety. The unhealthy, oil-laden air is also captured, reducing the risk of falls from slippery floors. :: MiJet Division of Custom Service Solutions Inc. 585-472-6294 :: 81 PCx 2017

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