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UltraSonic Features Medium-Capacity 2400FA, Table-Top Ultrasonic Cleaning Line Booth 1420 UltraSonic's 2400FA 30-gallon, medium-ca- pacity ultrasonic cleaner features horizontal transducers for indus- trial ultrasonic cleaning without using solvents. Its V-bottom design is said to simplify cleaning between batches, and side-mounted transducers eliminate dead spots, so the cleaning action is consistent from top to bottom. The unit can clean rubber and plastic parts, bearings, bolts, plastic injection molds, engine parts, transmission components and more. The company also displays its line of table-top ultrasonic cleaners. The new model 900 features a 0.8-gallon tank; models 1300 and 2000 feature 2.2- and 5.2-gallon tanks, respectively. Ultrasonic cleaning removes dirt and grime that normally requires manual cleaning. According to the company, the product cleans instruments and mechanical parts, engine and electrical components, jewelry and other items, returning them to their original condition. :: UltraSonic LLC, 513-502-9746 Conveyor-Type Cleaning Systems Offers 42 Configurations Booth 1323 International Thermal Systems (ITS) introduces its ProCon line of standard conveyor-type cleaning systems. The product line offers a low-cost and quick delivery alternative to cus- tom systems and can satisfy a wide variety of parts cleaning requirements. The ProCon line is offered in 42 configurations with convey- or belt widths of 12", 18" and 30", ranging from single-stage to three-stage systems that are available as ambient or heated. The standard washer configurations include a 10-week delivery time guarantee, and the company also offers financing options. Standard options include tube axial exhaust, mist eliminator, blow-off, oil skimmer and bag filtration. Base models can be cus- tomized and tailored to specific process requirements. :: International Thermal Systems 414-672-7700, Bioremediating Parts Washer Offers Alternative to Solvent Cleaning Booth 1315 SmartWasher bioremediating parts washers from ChemFree offer an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent parts cleaning. The parts washing systems are the combination of three products, the SmartWasher equipment, OzzyJuice degreasing solutions and microbe-impregnated OzzyMat filters. Used for cleaning dirty parts in the automotive, industrial, gov- ernment and military markets, the SmartWasher provides a safe alternative to harmful solvent use. This microbial, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based system is said to work as quickly as toxic solvents but without causing harm to humans or the environment. According to the company, the SmartWasher system also minimizes liquid hazardous waste streams, the expense of hazard- ous waste removal, the associated liabilities and the hassles of regula- tory compliance. :: SmartWasher 770-564-5580, Immersion Cleaning System Combines Spray, Immersion, Ultrasonic Cleaning Booth 1412 Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, introduces its newest generation Lean-Jet RB-1 Gen 4 immersion cleaning system. The system uses a patented washing and rinsing process with a combination of spray/immersion, ultrasonics, rotate/rock and heated blow-off drying. According to the company, this new design enables a 10-percent increase in production with flexibility and increased bath life. The modular design of the RB-1 supports an additional rinse stage to be easily added to the machine. The parts washer also features the latest Siemens advanced graphic- based controls that are said to boost system flexibility for automation integration, process control and data logging. Maintenance enhancements include larger access doors, larger tank access lids and a bolt-on air knife. :: Cleaning Technologies Group 513-870-0100, 80 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: APRIL 2017 Parts Cleaning Expo 2017: SHOW COVERAGE

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