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Toolholder Presettable in X/Y/Z for Multi-Spindle Swiss-Type Lathe Booth 707 Göltenbodt has expanded its line of presettable, coolant-fed toolholders with the next generation of toolholders designed for Tornos MultiSwiss 6X4 and Star Swiss-type automatic lathes. The toolholders are 100 percent presettable in X, Y and Z out of the machine with repeatability better than 0.0002", the company says. Coolant-through holders with pressure ratings ranging to 500 psi are available. The rigid design provides chatter-free operation, reli- ability and long tool life. The company also offers dovetail, shave, stick tool, and cutoff holders with internal coolant which are designed to accept all known cutting tool brands. :: Göeltenbodt Technology GmbH 888-870-1055, Tubing Detects Fire 10 Times Faster than Traditional Methods Booth 446 Firetrace brings fast, reliable fire protection to CNC machines, reacting so quickly that in many cases fires are detected and suppressed before any damage is done to the equipment. The trademark red Firetrace detection tubing is at the heart of the system. By routing the tubing throughout the machine, the company's equipment detects a fire at its source. Tests show that under normal circumstances, this detection tubing detects a fire 10 times faster than traditional methods and provides superior industrial fire suppression. Highly reliable in harsh environments, the detection tubing is toler- ant of dirt, debris and extreme temperatures. The system requires no electricity. When a fire is detected, an alarm will sound and an alert can be sent to your monitoring system, eliminating any concern regarding false alarms or false discharges. The clean agents mean no costly clean-up or downtime, and valu- able machine oil will not be contaminated. :: Firetrace International, 480-607-1218, Transfer Machine Handles Similar Operations as Multi-Spindle Lathes Booth 803 Gnutti Transfer S.p.A.'s Double Front multi-spindle transfer ma- chine is equipped with turning stations. It has been designed to perform the same machining operations as a multi-spindle lathe but with a static bar, offering maximum flexibility, self-sufficiency, high productivity and precision. The machine includes a part clamp- ing system with integrated tailstock. It machines parts on both sides simultaneously with as many as 9+9 pickup spindles. The machine's static bar/coil configuration results in reduced swarf quantities. The Double Front can handle different bar diameters with a single clamping jaw, and it is highly accessible for tool changes and the smooth flow of long chips. A new generation of saw cutting unit cuts soft materials like brass and aluminum as well as tough materi- als like stainless steel and special alloys. The machine is fully CNC- controlled with an advanced operator interface. :: Gnutti Transfer S.p.A 62 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: APRIL 2017 PMTS 2017: SHOW COVERAGE

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