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Machining Simulator Encompasses Complete Manufacturing Process Booth 1138 FANUC America has developed a machining simulator that encompasses the complete manufacturing process from part design and engineering to CNC programming to virtual produc- tion simulation. The machining simulator features Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD/CAM/CAE software and a custom machining simulation program designed by ModuleWorks. Students can use Fusion 360 to perform CAD/CAM work and the included postprocessors will convert the designs into G-code suitable for the included CNC. The machining simulation compo- nent was developed in partnership with ModuleWorks and allows users to virtually manufacture parts in milling or turning environ- ments with realistic kinematics and structure. Real-time collision detection uses visual and audio signals to notify users of collisions. :: FANUC America Corp. 888-326-8287, Multi-Spindle Machine with Custom Backworking Slides Booth 542 Autoturn Machinery and Tooling Inc., along with its European partner, GWM Italia, will introduce its latest high precision, multi- spindle machine, the IMX 25 CNC. This is a full CNC-capable, six-spindle lathe equipped with six independent CNC cross and end slides with the availability to add an additional four full CNC compound slides. Upon request, up to three position custom backworking slides are available as well. The tooling/setup process and job change-overs are quicker than on a mechanical machine, reducing downtime between jobs, mainly thanks to its intuitive HMI interface and the absence of mechanical cams. :: Autoturn Machinery & Tooling 772-569-9663, Machines for Thermal Deburring Produces 30-Second Cycles Booth 1400 Thermal deburring is a chemical reaction where production-related burrs are removed. Workpieces are placed on a closing plate that is hydraulically closed with the deburring chamber. After that, an accu- rately defined mixture of fuel gas and oxygen is fed into the chamber via the gas metering system that was developed by ATL GmbH. Because of the subsequent ignition, temperatures of 2,500 to 3,300°C are generated for a short time. This leads, particularly at inaccessible and internal areas, to a complete combustion of all burrs within 20 milliseconds. The complete process runs automati- cally. A deburring cycle can take as little as 30 seconds. :: ATL-Luhden 724-327-0937, 50 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: APRIL 2017 PMTS 2017: SHOW COVERAGE

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