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Increase Productivity with Cutoff, Grooving and Forming Booth 813 Watkins Mfg. Inc. offers cutoff, grooving, forming and straddle-mill systems designed to bring increased productivity, efficiency and profitability, along with reduced waste, to turning machine upgrades. According to the company, these systems provide more pieces per bar and per hour, reduced (or eliminated) secondary operations, improved part quality (little/no nib, less burr, square, flat, smooth), increased capabilities (thin-walled, irregular shapes, exotic materials), and easier material handling (fewer bars, elimination of stringy chips). The company also offers systems for a variety of host ma- chines (Acme, Davenport, B&S, New Britain, Wickman, Euroturn, Gildemeister, Index, Tornos, and more); special arbors for CNC and other unique applications; and quick-turnaround, made-to-order solid carbide saws and circular cutters. :: Watkins Mfg. Inc. 800-444-5373, Lathes Use Low-Frequency Vibration to Avoid Chip Problems Booth 315 The popular Citizen Cincom L20 sliding-headstock lathes from Marubeni are now available with low-frequency vibration (LFV). LFV is said to avoid the problem of spiraling chips, chip entangle- ment and built-up edges. Benefits include increased cutting tool life, reduced heat generation and reduced power consumption. LFV technology can handle a range of machining shapes and materials and is ideal for cutting difficult-to-cut materials, increas- ing throughput and improving part accuracy. In LFV cutting, "air cutting" time prevents the machining temperature from rising, prolonging tool life and providing relief from various problems caused by chips. :: Marubeni Citizen - Cincom Inc. 201-818-0100, Dual-Spindle, Five-Axis, Flexible Production Center Booth 643 In a business environ- ment where efficiency is more important than ever, manufacturers are continu- ally looking for new ways to optimize their pro- duction processes. Achieving higher volume at a reason- able per-piece cost without a loss in quality is a common goal across diverse industries such as the aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electronics and writing instruments sector. The Mikron XT-one machining center is designed to help improve efficiencies and lower cost-per-part while maintaining high quality standards. The two independent spindles (configured as needed 15,000 and 40,000 rpm) enable the machining center to work alternatively. While one spindle is machining, the other is changing the cutting tool (even at maximum spindle speed). This allows short, non-productive times with chip to chip of 0.9 seconds, even at maximum spindle speed. Savings could equal as much as 500 to 2,000 hours per year. Other features include two fixtures for parallel operations (machining and loading), simultaneous production of different components, and six-face machining capability with workpiece size as large as 8" cubed. :: Mikron Corp. Monroe, 203-261-3100, 46 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: APRIL 2017 PMTS 2017: SHOW COVERAGE

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