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OCT 2016

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PRODUCTS :: 47 Job Tracking Software Eliminates Bottlenecks CheckMate job tracking software helps businesses align operations with their goals in order to achieve better ROI. The system tracks the location of jobs on the shop floor, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing customer service, the company says. The software is designed to make track- ing work orders easy. The operator uses a barcode preprinted on the work order or they attach a barcode label to the docu- ment or file. Then they scan the barcode each time the work order moves to a new location (no need to scan "out" of the last location). The system will report where the job is and how long it's been there. When a customer calls, personnel will be able to give them an update from up-to-the-min- ute information. Managers will be able to identify if a job has been at a department or task too long, avoiding bottlenecks and facilitating smooth production. :: Dynamic Systems Inc. 425-284-1655 Multi-Axis Turning Centers for Medical and Auto Industries Goodway GTW series multi-axis turning centers are especially developed for the medical and automobile industries. The turning centers are said to easily complete the complex front and back side machining of a workpiece. The turret and gang tooling systems are combined for more convenient programming. An updated design of the X axis on the subspindle provides high efficiency of working space. The gang tooling can continue working after catching the workpiece from the subspindle. There is no need to return to the home position. Twin spindles with a collet chuck hold design are suitable for dual-face turning on any shaft-type workpiece. With a sepa- rated coolant tank and rear side of chips conveyor design, it is easy to maintain. Standard twin Y-axis function with driven turret, gang tooling system and C axis can improve the ability for com- plex machining and accuracy. X, Y and Z axes use high speed, high accuracy linear guideways designed to reach maximum intensity and accuracy, the company says. The gang tooling system provides eight-station live tooling and is driven by an AC servomotor with high torque. An easy dismount design on gang tooling system is especially designed for a sub- spindle. Rapid tool change, and no need to recede tools, improves the machining efficiency on rear side machining. From bar feeding, processing and discharging can all be completed simultaneously on one machine. :: Yama Seiki USA Inc., 888-976-6789 314.692.8388 f 314.692.5152 11600 ADIE ROAD MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO 63043 call or click: 314.692.8388 FMB Turbo 2-20 Edge Rebel 80 Servo FM FMB Minimag 20 M FMB Minimag 20 Edge V-65 Servo FM FMB Turbo 3-38 8 FMB Turbo 3-38 Edge Patriot 338 FM FMB Turbo 5-65 6 FMB Turbo 5-65 Edge Minuteman 320 SE Bar Feeding. It's What We Do. Edge Technologies Offers Economical Excellence, Superior Design, and The Heaviest Built Bar Feeders, All Backed by a Team Second To None. What's Not To Love? E dge dge Technologies is a leading Technologies dge Technologies is a leading is a leading productivity productivity solutions provider solutions provider to to the precision metal working the to the precision metal working precision metal working industry. industry. We offer the full lines We offer the full lines of of FMB and Edge bar feeders FMB of FMB and Edge bar feeders and Edge bar feeders for for Swiss Turning and Fixed Swiss for Swiss Turning and Fixed Turning and Fixed Headstock lathes. ad Headstock lathes. ock Headstock lathes. lathes. Edge Edge Technologies is made Technologies is made up up of a group of dedicated of up of a group of dedicated a group of dedicated professionals, professionals, a team with a team with nearly nearly 25 years of experience, 25 years of experience, who stand ready to pounce on any problem and resolve it immediately. The Edge line of "Economical Excellence" magazine bar feeders and short loaders are the new industry standard for quality at affordable prices. The new Scout 320 is the newest and most economically priced Edge brand magazine bar feeder in the line. If you are considering an economical 12' magazine an economical 12' magazine barfeeder, you should discuss barfeeder, you should discuss this product with your Edge this product with your Edge Technologies Regional Sales Manager or your local dealer before you buy any brand. FMB magazine bar feeders are smartly designed, robust in construction, built in Germany to the highest quality specifications, and all of them are a bit on the hefty side. As a matter of fact, some of them outweigh the competition as much as two to one. That's "Heavy Metal." Visit our website or give us a Visit our website or give us a call for more information on the call for more information on the full lineups of FMB and EDGE barfeeders offered by Edge Technologies, and see how your "Productivity Partner" can help your bottom line.

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