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OCT 2016

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Calling Motch & Eichele (Cuyahoga, Ohio), an EMCO master distributor, Mr. Frankle asked for suggestions for solutions. M&E brought in EMCO to present a solution to Stamtex, whose fundamental needs included the ability to perform operations on datum A (flat surface). Parts had to be loaded and machined on datum A and either returned to the conveyor or placed in an exit chute from the machining area to the operator. ere, the part surface and the depth of the groove to be machined are checked. After careful consideration, Stamtex invested in an EMCO VT 400 inverted vertical turning center. e machine had the capacity and power to handle tough stainless steel parts and offered the flexibility to handle what might come in the future. e turning center has a conveyor loop supplying the part pick-up station that would permit unmanned operation for an extended period. Other machines did not offer this capability as standard. Self-Contained Because the VT 400, with its integrated pick-up system, self-loads workpieces, it saves Stamtex the costs and programming time related to external automation. is loading and unloading design allows for fast part-to-part times of 13 seconds with workpieces weighing up to 88 pounds. Compared with other traditional methods using gantries or robotics, this design is about 300 percent faster, according to EMCO. e EMCO conveyor brings the parts to and from a common loading and unloading location outside the machining area to the machine spindle for pick up. "e machines provide us the ability to pick up the part the way it naturally orients, which is datum A down, and as it is machined from below, the chips and coolant fall away and give a clean part coming off the conveyor, saving a wash operation," Mr. Frankle says. e first VT 400 was installed at Stamtex five years ago; a second came three years ago. e controls for the machines were familiar to the company as they are similar to the CNC in the die shop, so the learning curve :: An integral conveyor acts as a blank queue and storage for finished parts. With a spindle able to pick and place the workpieces, it is an efficient processing technique. VERTICAL TURNING 40 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: OCTOBER 2016

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