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Replacement Nuts Correct Runout Errors and Misalignment ReamTec EasyZero runout compensation nuts distributed by Monaghan Tooling quickly correct runout errors and misalignment for all round tools using ER collets. Easy to use replacement nuts fea- ture six adjustment screws that allow for as much as 0.011" runout to be dialed in easily, allowing for more accurate machining, tighter tolerances and better surface fnishes, especially on difcult parts, the company says. Concentric cutting means that all cutting edges equally share the chip load, thus increasing tool life and lowering tool costs. Rapidly dialing in the desired runout with complete control ultimately saves time and increases process capa- bility, because of decreased time spent tapping and resetting tools and collets. EasyZero compensation nuts are available in fve sizes to ft ER16 to ER40 collets. They are especially useful for all round tools where runout may be of concern, including reamers, drills and end mills. Four kits are available that include the EasyZero nut, Hex Key, spanner and ER collet in various combinations. 11-Axis Automatic Lathe with Three Tools in the Cut The Traub TNL32-11 sliding/fxed headstock automatic lathe has a headstock moving in the Z axis, an upper and identical lower turret with X, Y and Z axes, and a counter-spindle movable in the X and Z directions. It ofers a front-working attachment that sits on an addi- tional cross-slide moving in the X and Z axes, providing the user with further, freely positionable tools and enables the use of as much as three tools, simultaneously and independently of each other. The 11-axis machine saves machining time, especially for components with a high proportion of drilling. In addition to the two linear X and Z axes, the front- working attachment features a CNC circular axis. By the interpolation of the rotary axis with the X axis and the C axis of the main spindle, the front-working attachment can also be used in the Y direc- tion, using an interpolated Y axis. When a drilling tool needs to be corrected to exact center, the necessary corrections can be simply performed via the CNC controller. That is helpful with small parts that are sensitive to even minimal ofset errors. The front-working attachment makes eight :: Monaghan Advanced Tooling Technology Group 800-732-4565 additional tool stations available. Four of them are used to mount fxed tools, the other four are for live tools. :: Index Corporation 317-770-6300 PRODUCTS 66 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MAY 2016

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