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Inserts with Internal Coolant Provide Material Savings When material savings are a requirement because of machining expensive materials, large batch productions, or both, it is essential to use the thinnest insert width possible. CoroCut QD parting of and deep grooving tools are now available in smaller insert widths with internal high-pressure coolant to help customers realize production efciency. Considered a hidden machining cost, component material waste is an often overlooked production expense. Wider insert blades cut away more material than necessary during each parting of operation with the excess material ending up in the chip bin. Us- ing a thinner insert blade not only wastes less material, but also allows for more parts per bar when parting of using a bar feeder. Realizing this material savings is especially important for those who machine compo- nents made of expensive materials, such as heat resistant super alloys (HRSAs). For small insert widths, insert handling is easily accomplished with the use of the insert cam key. Accompanied with each CoroCut QD, the cam key allows the user to leave the fnger of the blade in the open position, allowing for use of both hands for insert positioning. With the turn of the cam key, the new insert clamp design ofers improved rigidity for process security. CoroCut QD toolholders are made using the same improved tool steel as the larger width CoroCut QD, resulting in 12 percent higher tensile strength. As the only product currently on the market that ofers over and under coolant in a tool this thin, the CoroCut QD inserts in 0.04", 0.05" and 0.06" work well for deep cuts and large diameters and for all materials, especially HRSAs. :: Sandvik Coromant Company 800-726-3845 Dovetail Grooving Inserts for O-Rings Thinbit's Groove N' Turn line of dovetail grooving inserts are used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66-degree undercut angles. The insert design is optimized for strength by using an insert pair to generate the groove form. Insert sizes are 0.030", 0.050", 0.060", 0.070", 0.080", 0.090", 0.100", 0.125" and 0.150" with major diameters start- ing at 0.300". They are available in sub-micron grain carbide grades for ferrous and nonferrous materials either uncoated or with TiN, TiCN, TiAIN or diamond flm coatings. These dovetail inserts can be used on conventional, Swiss and CNC machines. Toolholders are available in square shank size 5 / 16 " through 1 1 / 4 " and round shank sizes 1 / 2 " through 1" with straight and 90-degree presentations. Groove 'n Turn dovetail inserts ft existing L series Thinbit toolholders. :: Thinbit/Kaiser Tool Company 888-844-6248 704 529 5300 Powered by the MULTI-AXIS MACHINING MADE EASY Reduce your setup time from 2 hours to 10 minutes with BENZ CAPTO™. BENZ Modular Quick Change Systems maximize the effciency of BMT 40-85 and VDI 20-60 turret connections. #W-2445 PRODUCTS 58 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MAY 2016

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