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in a machining operation is to cool the cut and workpiece, reduce friction, and wash away the chips. While MQL can do a good job at reducing friction, cooling capabilities often lack when compared with food cooling, and chip evacuation is signifcantly reduced. Te process can be efcient, but it is not always as simple as turning it on. It requires some adjustments and optimiza- tion to fnd the right recipe for a given application, gener- ating and delivering the proper aerosol. Without the right setting for fuid, air and tool pressure, satisfactory results are unlikely. High gas pressure can also be a concern in relation to the design of the MQL system. Te use of pressurized air or other gases requires appropriate equipment as well as rigid maintenance and safety procedures. Also, the pressurized aerosol can generate noise that can become an inconve- nience for the operator. Te cost of air or gas needs to be taken into consideration as well. Depending on the application and the machining space, emissions of gas and metal components are still a potential hazard. Tis issue can be dealt with by installing flters and air vacuum systems for the machine. However, this additional equipment increases costs and energy consumption. Here's another article on this topic: Metalworking Fluid Management and Best Practices Cutting metal is a complex process involving many critical factors to be successful. LINK :: Other considerations before implementing MQL technology include increased tooling costs for through-tool capabilities, potential need for spindle and machine fuid line modifcations and reduced chip clearing capability. With proper planning, MQL can be applied in a variety of operations and applications, including turning, milling, drilling and related operations (such as reaming and tapping), sawing, routing and broaching. However, it is still not well suited for deep-hole drilling, energy inten- sive processes such as grinding, many difcult to machine metals, and special operations such as honing and small- hole drilling. It is important to be selective in its implemen- tation, using it where the benefts are clear. For more information from TechSolve and Optis, call 513-948-2000 or visit and Hydrodynamic Bar Feeders • 6' -12' models • 0.1"- 57mm Bar Diameters • Patented external LED display for monitoring feeding & alarms • User-friendly HMI touch-screen display with hand-held remote controller Ahhhh... Push It! Push It Real Good! Buy an HPC Unit (High Pressure Coolant) & get a FREE Oil Skimmer! T R A C E R 51V LED Mason, OH | 513-770-4200 | Booth S-9092 Buy an HPC Unit (High Pressure Coolant) & get a FREE Oil Skimmer! B E S T P R I C E S ! B A R N O N E ! METALWORKING FLUIDS 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MAY 2016

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