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MAY 2016

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:: This turning application using Ti-6Al-4V bar can make efective use of external MQL. About TechSolve TechSolve was founded in 1982 to assist, develop and improve the manufacturing performance of small- and medium-size companies in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, region. TechSolve owns the M. Eugene Merchant Technology Development Center, a fully instrumented machining R&D laboratory with seven modern CNC machines, an array of measuring and analysis equipment, and a variety of standard shop machines and equipment. The variety of its machines and the capabilities of its measuring and analysis equipment allows TechSolve to act as an alternative for conducting tests and trying new methods and technologies, without disrupting a shop's production. To deliver manufacturing efciency programs beyond Ohio, TechSolve entered into a joint venture with Castrol to form Optis in 2014. The company now operates in North America and beyond. fuid and air, creating an aerosol that is either directly fed to the point of application (through the tool) or sprayed via a compressed gas stream into the cutting area. Te idea is to lubricate and cool the cut to the extent necessary without using any more fuid than is needed. Te pressure of the aerosol also assists in clearing chips away. Typically, the main categories of MQL systems are external and through-the-tool. External feed systems are simple to use, and installation and operation can be done with low investment costs. Tey do not require special tools or modifcations of machine tools or spindles, and they have a rapid response to changes in settings. However, they do not work well when a shadowing efect occurs (such as for deep holes or deeper cuts), setup and adjust- ment options are limited, and the nozzle can sometimes be blocked by chips. Trough-the-tool systems allow for better lubrication at the cutting point without the concern of the shadowing Nozzle Toolholder Chip Breaker Cutting Insert Chuck Ti-6Al-4V Bar Tailstock Tool MQL Nozzle Kistler Dynamometer Nozzle Fixture Minimum Quantity Lubrication :: 39

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