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By Chris Felix Tis article is the result of a combination of information gathered during a recent interview with Radu Pavel, Ph.D., and a presentation he gave about the basics of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) and where this technology best fts in today's machine shop. Dr. Pavel is chief technology ofcer at TechSolve Inc. and Optis LLC, focusing on manufacturing process design and optimization as well as process monitoring and control. A Foundation for Minimum Quantity Lubrication MQL can provide signifcant savings and improved performance in the right applications. Here are some important considerations when looking at this technology. :: Dr. Radu Pavel E very shop would like to save money and get better perfor- mance from its machine tools. TechSolve assists these shops with identifying applicable technolo- gies to make it happen. MQL is one such technology that, when applied correctly and with proper planning, can provide signifcant savings from multiple angles. MQL may be recognized by diferent names such as micro-lubrication, micro-dosing, mist coolant and near-dry machining. For the most part, these denominations have been replaced by the gener- ally accepted term "minimum quantity lubrication." As this name suggests, the quantity of the applied lubricant is reduced to the least amount necessary to be efective. Te volume fow rate with MQL is often less than 50 ml/hour, which is a small amount when compared with conven- tional wet machining, which can use as much as 12,000 liters of coolant per hour. Yes, that amount is a little bit extreme, but there are applications, such as grinding, that can require quite a bit of fuid. MQL technology allows considerable reduction of machining costs, along with other important benefts such as longer tool life, improved environmental protection and reduction of health risks for machine operators. While the technology is not necessarily used a lot in the high produc- tion screw machine environment, it can be used efectively in some cases. MQL has a lot of applications in certain turning and milling operations, both in through-the-tool work and when sprayed from an external system. Keep it Cool MQL is more than simply turning down the fow rate of the coolant line. It is the process of mixing metalworking :: Minimum quantity lubrication can be used to reduce machining costs and improve tool life for many applications involving turning, milling, drilling, reaming, tapping, routing and broaching. METALWORKING FLUIDS 38 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MAY 2016

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