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22 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: MAY 2016 Helping Precision Machine Shops Be More Product ve and Profi table 6880 West Snowville Rd., Suite 200 • Brecksville, Ohio 44141 Phone: 440-526-0300 • Fax: 440-526-5803 Website: © 2 0 1 6 P M P A PMPA members support one another through email Listserves, where they can solve problems, share advice, sell excess material and equipment, and learn about new developments and opportunities. Here is a list of topics that were recently discussed: HOT TOPICS • How to machine molybdenum • Ultrasonic cleaner recommendations • Transferring programs from PCs to machines • Source for acorn dies • Passivation f nish • 316 SS tapping • Production drilling f berglass • 440C turning • Cross drilling on ServoCam CL • ESR vs. vacuum melt steels For the latest chapter meeting information, please view the "Events" listed on our homepage at If you have any questions about PMPA conferenc- es or meetings, please contact Monte Guitar, Director of Technical Programs, at 440-526-0300 or PMP CLENDR YOURCAREERFACTS.COM PMPASPEAKINGOFPRECISION.COM 2 GREAT BLOGS! 2016 Annual Meeting October 21-25, 2016 Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa Hilton Head, South Carolina Unknown Knowns: Rumsfeld Missed One–Will You? Continued from page 17 and help inform your team of the status of its training accomplishments. Posting this for all to see can help provide some positive motivation to learn as well as point out the vulnerabilities we may face down the road. Celebrate the weird, strange and unusual. When the weird, strange and unusual happens in our shops, and it is dealt with appropriately, celebrate and publicize the win. Use the technology. These days we have all the technology that we need in our mobile phones. It is a camera, video camera and a sound recording device. Do you empower your team to use today's technology to make reference materials that will help them to do a better, faster, more eff cient job the next time? Why not? Your Workforce in 2020 In less than 4 years, we will be in the year 2020. Here's what your workforce will look like: More than one-third of your employees will be over age 55. Conversely, two-thirds of your workforce will not. Who will be training the majority of your workforce, and do you have a plan? One-f fth of your employees will be over age 65. What they know will be vulnerable to looming retirements and the beginnings of old age loss of mobility. These are the folks that know your unknown knowns, and they will be vulnerable. M ORE THAN ONE IN THREE EMPLOYEES WILL BE OVER 55 M ORE THAN ONE IN FIVE EMPLOYEES WILL BE OVER 65 A BOUT ONE IN TEN EMPLOYEES WILL BE OVER 75 YOUR WORKFORCE IN 2020 Of your employees in 2020, 1 in 10 will likely be over age 75. What is your plan for harvesting the unknown knowns so that your team and your culture can continue to thrive?

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