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DEC 2014

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Page 58 of 75 :: 57 CLEANING PRODUCTS Advanced Parts Cleaning Systems ZZZSHUR-SDUWV-FOHDQLQJXV Phone 860 298 0317 Fax 860 298 0319 Parts cleaning plant. Closed system! Resourceefficient. R2 Powerful e. g. goods carriers 660 x 480 x 300 mm max. 200 kg heavy loads in parts cleaning. Top performance 3(52 &RUSRUDWLRQ e. g. 14 loads of steel per hr at 70 kg cleaning > vapour degreasing > drying high throughput Rego-Fix Cleans Up in Peak Toolholder Performance Rego-Fix's UltraSonic tooling system cleaner, toolholder taper cleaner and spindle wipers (used as part of routine maintenance programs) provide contamination-free machine tool spindle and holder interfaces so that toolholders seat perfectly and at complete taper contact, the company says. Clean, accurately positioned toolholders allow machine tools to perform at their full power, speed and tolerance capabilities. Well- maintained holders also prevent excessive runout and vibration for improved part surface fnish quality. The UltraSonic tooling system cleaner quickly and efciently cleans toolholder ta- pers, collet cavities, holder nuts, collets and all other smaller sub-assembly holder parts. The heavy-duty, stainless steel double- walled unit incorporates multi-frequency technology to create optimum cleaning conditions. Other features of the system include a digital timer and frequency load control. A large stainless steel basket with internal space measuring 12" long, 8" wide and 10" deep provides ample room for simultaneous multiple-component cleaning. When toolholder tapers show visual signs of wear, the Rego-Fix table-top toolholder taper cleaning system features powerful rotating brushes that automati- cally remove dirt and light rust from holder taper surfaces. The three brushes are tapered for all the most common spindle interfaces, including CAT 30, 40 and 50 and HSK. The system is simple to use and oper- ates on standard 110 V power. While the UltraSonic and taper cleaning systems maintain toolholders, the company's spindle wipers clean spindle socket surfaces. The spindle wipers feature individual helical cleaning blades set at angles matching those of a machine tool's spindle – CAT, BT, HSK and others. Plus, the tools are ergonomic and feature replaceable blades. :: Rego-Fix Tool Corp. 800-999-7346

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