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56 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: DECEMBER 2014 Scrub System Tests Abrasion Resistance, Washability BYK-Gardner USA's Gardner-scrub is designed to test coated and uncoated surfaces for resistance to abrasion caused by a means such as brush, sponge, scouring pad and sand paper, as well as to examine the washability of coated surfaces for the removal of stains. The abrasion and washability tester reportedly can be confgured to comply with most ASTM, ISO and DIN methods for wet scrub abrasion and washability testing, or set up for custom applications. Features include a touchscreen display for an easy-to-use operator interface, the ability to run as many as three brush or pad holders, and the ability to run custom tests with a variety of accessories and programming features. :: BYK-Gardner USA 301-483-6500 Modular Spray System Provides Automatic Nozzle Control The AutoJet Model 1550+ modular spray system from Spraying Systems provides automatic control of nozzles to ensure uniform and accurate spraying with minimal waste. The self-contained, compact system is well suited for coating, marking and lubricating operations. The system operates both electrically actuated and pneumati- cally actuated spray nozzles. When used with the company's hy- draulic PulsaJet automatic nozzles, pulse width modulated (PWM) fow control is possible. Benefts of this fow control include automatic adjustment of fow rate based on line speed, nearly instantaneous adjustment of fow rate and the ability to maintain fow rates with larger spray orifces to reduce clogging, the company says. An easy-to-use touchscreen, new timing modes and a food-contact version are among the enhancements to the system. :: Spraying Systems Co. 630-665-5201 Trusted Solutions For High Reliability Cleaning AXAREL ® | BIOACT ® | LENIUM ® | CleanSafe ™ AQUEOUS | MANUAL | SOLVENT | VAPOR DEGREASING | | 800-432-7187 | Scan QR Code For Product Brochure A Vantage Specialty Chemicals Business Advanced Products For Advanced Cleaning

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