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DEC 2014

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54 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: DECEMBER 2014 Lab Tests Part Cleanliness to 10 Microns Jensen Fabricating Engineers (Jen- Fab) ofers an in-house lab service for evaluating the cleanliness of critical parts processed with its LeanClean 360 cellular rotating basket cleaning systems and its other aqueous parts cleaning systems. The company uses a Filtrex Premium Zoom automated particle analysis system in combination with Mil- lipore testing and provides customers with a report of exact particle sizes and counts to as small as 10 microns on raw and cleaned parts. The company can also determine total molecular weight of soils before and after cleaning. The Jenfab test lab also performs fber detection and measurement, and has the capability to ofer a separate particle and fber count. It can diferentiate between metallic and non-metallic contaminants. :: JenFab - Jensen Fabricating Engineers Inc. 860-828-6516 Modular Aqueous Parts Washers Available in 3 Models Fountain Industries' Ecomaster Series 7000 modular aqueous parts washing systems are available in three versions: a non-heated model, a heated model and a heated model with fltration. The non-heated EM7000 parts washer ofers a 440-lb-capacity working tray and 26-gallon soaking capacity for large and small component cleaning. With a thermally protected 350-gph pump, the unit also features a fow-through brush with adjustable fuid control, an adjustable spigot, skimmer pads to soak oil from the reservoir tank, and a stainless steel drain screen. Additional features include easy-to-operate fuid controls, a heavy-duty stand and full lid. The heated EM7020 includes all the features of the non-heated model, as well as a premium control system with easily adjustable fuid heat control, a low fuid level sensor and a drain fap to reduce fuid evaporation. The heated EM7040 "professional" heated model also includes all the Ecomaster fea- tures, in addition to a fltration system, a grease tray and 10-W water-resistant LED light. :: Fountain Industries 507-373-2351 Industrial Parts Cleaning Systems Precision Cleaning and Degreasing • Aqueous - solvent - modifed alcohol • Best-in-class technology • Closed vacuum systems • Energy effcient • EPA conform • Small to large components Solutions for: Aerospace Industry Automotive Components Tube and Pipe Cleaning Heat Treat Industry Precision Mechanics and Electronics Thermal Deburring Equipment Reliable and Repeatable Results Connert Industrial Solutions LLC 248.808.0120

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