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DEC 2014

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Page 48 of 75 :: 47 Ultrasonic Cleaning power levels to move up or down in approximately one-third increments during this time frame. Te variations in power are not typically noticeable by touch, but can be measured with a calibration probe. For many applications, the change in cavitation energy is insignifcant. However, those who are doing critical cleaning or are working on medical implants need to certify cleaning parameters and, therefore, should keep a close eye on power levels. Another factor that afects cavitation energy is the solution's level of cleanliness. As water gets a bit dirtier, the dirt acts as a surfactant, promoting the cavitation of a stronger vacuum bubble. Te non-critical machine shop environment may often notice these power increases if they are not fltering thoroughly or changing the bath out. Addressing the Market A trend that Mr. Pedefous sees in precision cleaning is the increased use of mixed frequencies during a single cleaning operation. Having the ultrasonic tank at one frequency level and the rinse tank at another allows two diferent modes of attack. "A higher frequency creates a smaller vacuum bubble, which can penetrate a more precise or tighter location. But the larger bubble has more energy for more aggressive cleaning," he says. "Te higher frequency levels are often used for the fnal rinse." Mr. Pedefous stresses that the key to successful ultra- sonic cleaning is knowing the application and determining what system will do a sufcient job without overspending. Te type of parts, quantity of parts, types of contaminants, and expected usage all factor into choosing the right system. He says, "You don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive cleaner on the market to get one that does a great job for your shop." For more information: Omegasonics :: 800-669-8227 For more articles about parts cleaning equipment, visit PM's Parts Cleaning Equipment Zone. LINK :: ® Clean Parts. Tel. 716.763.4343 ■ ■ Clean Lines ■ Passivation Lines ■ Aqueous Chemistries ■ Data Management

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