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AUG 2014

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IMTS 2014 PRODUC TS Multitasking Turn-Mill Center Features Fast Cycle/Tool Change Time Methods Machine Tools Inc., Booth S-9119 Methods Machine Tools Inc.'s Nakamura-Tome NTJ-100 multitask- ing turn-mill center can handle low to high volume lots of medical, aerospace, general job shop components and more. The new Nakamura NTJ-100 multitasking center ofers fast tool changes compared to a full tool spindle ATC machine. A large tool capacity, up to 54 tool stations for turning and 24 tool stations for milling tools, reduces setup time. For faster cycle times, the machine has two high rigidity turrets, each with a Y axis – 3.5" (80 mm) on the upper and 2.6" (65 mm) on the lower, facilitating pinch turn and pinch mill operations. An upper turret swiveling B axis with a range of 182 degrees, is ideal for easily producing angular features, elimi- nating the requirement for expensive angle milling heads. Two milling tool motors can double the performance compared with traditional multitasking centers. Twin 6,000 min−¹ spindles of- fer faster motor acceleration and deceleration to improve machin- ing efciency. Synchronization of the left and right C axes is ofered for parts simultaneously clamped by the left and right side chucks. The NTJ-100 has a maximum turning diameter of 6.9" (175 mm), a maximum turning length of 26.7" (678 mm) and a standard 1.6" (42 mm), maximum 2.6" (65 mm) bar capacity. The NTJ-100 provides X axis and Z axis speeds of 787 ipm and 1,574 ipm, respectively. Designed with a minimum 7.9" (200 mm) and maximum 35.8" (910 mm) distance between spindles to elimi- nate any interference of tooling during multitasking, the NTJ-100 allows for multiple tools in the cut simultaneously. :: Methods Machine Tools Inc. 877-668-4262 IT WORKS!!! "BUY U.S.A. IT'S OUR BRAND" PRICE: ALWAYS COMPETITIVE-NAME YOUR TARGET DELIVERY: J.I.T. WITH 10 MONTH SPREAD QUALITY: THE BEST! ZERO DEFECTS SEND YOUR RFQ TO JACK STEUBY TODAY JOHN J. STEUBY COMPANY, 6002 N. LINDBERGH ST. LOUIS, MO 63042 314 895-1000 FAX 314 895-9814 SALES@STEUBY.COM BUY AMERICAN MADE WWW.STEUBY.COM ÒDONÕT LET YOUR COMPETITION GET AN ADVANTAGE.Ó LOWER YOUR COST OF PRECISION MACHINE PARTS AND ASSEMBLIES TO IMPROVE YOUR POSITION IN THE MARKET. LET STEUBY HELP YOU WITH THEIR P.D.Q. PROGRAM. 92 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2014

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