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AUG 2014

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IMTS 2014 PRODUC TS Single-Pass Honing Machine Achieves High Cylindricity Sunnen Products Company, Booth N-7400 Sunnen's VSS-2 series of honing machines is par t of the com- pany's Single-Stroke Honing concept, a single-pass process that uses progressively larger, preset-diameter superabrasive tools to size and fnish bores. Though suited primarily for solid bore workpieces with length-to-diameter ratios of 1-to-1 or less, the machine can efectively hone cast iron valve bodies with bore ratios of 10 or greater, achieving cylindricity/straightness under 2 microns. Consisting of a ta- pered arbor with an expandable diamond-plated abrasive sleeve, the honing tool sizes bores ranging from 3.9 mm to 50.0 mm (0.149" to 2.0") in diameter in stamped parts, hydraulic valve bodies, gears and sprockets, among others. The machine efectively hones cast iron, powdered metals, ceramic, glass, graphite and other free-cutting materials. The VSS-2 series includes three honing machine models incorporating as many as six spindles to meet various mid- to high-production needs. The spindle carriage provides a 724-mm (28.5") stroke and a 105-mm/sec. (250-ipm) stroking speed. Spindles are factory-aligned independently for precision centering over the tooling plate, producing improved bore geometry. The 7.5-kW, 10-hp spindle drive provides spindle speeds ranging from 100 rpm to 2,500 rpm, which can be varied along with column feed using the menu-driven touchscreen control. The servo-con- trolled stroking system can store as many as 100 profle setups (e.g., pecking, short stroke and dwell) and includes additional I/O modules and memory for integration with auxiliary equipment, such as robots and part loaders. :: Sunnen Products Company 800-325-3670 330.650.4212 © 2 0 0 7 H e n n i n g S o f t w a r e , I n c . A c c o u n t i n g S o l u t i o n s S i n c e 1 9 9 0 © H e n n i n g S o f t w a re , I n c . "Iʼve always liked EstiTrackʼs real-time production information. Now, with the new quality module, Iʼm able to identify quality issues in the same manner. This satisfies our ISO record keeping." – Michael Reader, e Precision Plus, Inc., Elkhorn, P sident r Shop Management-ERP Software You Can Build On. Visual EstiTrack TM Shop Management-ERP software and Visual Books TM Accounting software are complete full-featured applications - yet they can be expanded to meet your unique needs. ¥ Estimating ¥ Bar Coded Data Collection ¥ Sales Orders ¥ Job Costing ¥ Shop Orders ¥ Shop Kiosk System ¥ Scheduling • iVET TM Mobile Application ¥ Inventory/Lot Control • Executive Dashboard If you are tired of hearing you can't - Call Henning...WE CAN! Free Demo & Guided Tour - Henning can do for you what we did for Precision Plus, Inc. Our professional manufacturing and accounting software is designed specifcally for manufacturing operations. J. See Us at IMTS Booth #E-3256 Can your supplier plate in-house? We can. Save time and money. Swiss precision parts, plated in-house. We can. Call us today. 800.707.3433 88 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2014

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