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AUG 2014

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IMTS 2014 PRODUC TS Sludge Vacs Remove Sump Sludge Cecor Inc., Booth N-6789 Cecor Sump Sharks are high suction sludge vacs that remove col- lected metalworking fuids and solid waste (metal chips, sludge, swarf, and so on) from sumps in minutes. The flter system separates the solids from the metalworking fuids. The fltered fuids can then be pumped back into the sump for re-use or transported to a central processing system. Cecor also ofers an innovative discharge flter for additional second-stage fltering of metalworking fuids. It easily couples to the Shark's existing discharge port with no special tools needed. Better fltering means less fuid used; therefore, less purchase and disposal costs. The company ofers a range of sump cleaner models, tank capacities, power sources, transport systems and fltering options to ft any need, ranging from small machine shops to large international opera- tions. Cecor also provides a full line of parts and accessories to support its products such as various suction nozzles to more thor- oughly clean diferent sump surfaces, nooks and crannies. :: Cecor Inc. 800-356-9042, Vise Provides Firm Grip on Odd-Shaped Parts Lexair/Production Dynamics/OML USA, Booth W-1322 Available from Lexair, OML's VariClamp modular clamping system uses a foating mechanism of fxed and moveable jaws and a wide variety of gripper forms to pro- vide custom clamping of irregular-shaped workpieces including round, curved, elliptical, rectangular, stepped and slanted parts. The vises can be confgured with a combination of fxed or swiveling jaws, and various styles and heights of grippers – including smooth, serrated, soft, high, and with or without stops. Grippers are added via holes placed throughout the vise to conform to the part shape, and holes are capped and covered when not in use. :: Lexair/Production Dynamics/OML USA 859-255-5001 80 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2014

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