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IMTS 2014 PRODUC TS Updates to Rotary Transfer Machine Improves Functionality Hydromat Inc., Booth S-8348 The Hydromat Epic R/T 45-12 is a collet-style rotary transfer ma- chine for precision metalcutting of stock sizes up to 1.75" round, 1.5" hex and 1.25" square and a length up to 6". This machine utilizes 12 horizontal tool spindles and the capacity of up to six vertical tool spindles, featuring up to 18 tools in the cut at once. It also has the rigidity to handle all components and all material types within its work envelope. This current version of the Epic R/T 45-12 machine features the bar change stop, an auto- matic hard stop built into the bar feeder that further refnes bar position by giv- ing accurate position refer- ence for the end of the new bar. It then begins the count- down for the remnant based on a known and fxed distance. Hydromat's updated two axis programmable fange ofers up to ± 30 mm of extended travel for ofset features, rotary OD and ID recessing, thread milling, chamfering and in-process deburring. This innovation eliminates costly secondary operations while adding value to the manufacturing processes. The overhead cut-of saw is now used on many Hydromats on short part applica- tions, or in a chuck machine where the clearance below the blade is constrained. It also ofers easier access to the saw for easier blade changes. :: Hydromat Inc. 314-432-4644 • Self-activating fre suppression system • Suppresses a fre inside the machine • Minimizes costly repairs and downtime • Extinguishing agents need no cleanup • Installs on any new or existing machine • The ideal solution for lights out machining Machine fres occur without warning. Protect against disaster with Firetrace! Stop Machine Fires with Firetrace! Firetrace detects and suppresses a machine fre in seconds… automatically! Ask your local distributor about Firetrace! For more information or a free quote: +1-866-607-1218 (US and Canada) +1-480-607-1218 (Elsewhere) Booth #N-7079 74 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2014

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