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AUG 2014

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Extremely stable fxtures are also important. Unfortunately, the workpiece geometry may not allow for the most stable setup and require tooling to be programmed with reduced feed rates.Tere are also geometric obstructions to be considered. Milled pockets create coolant obstruction and make it difcult to efectively remove chips. Coolant ports designed through a tool assist in chip evacuation. Non-symmetrical features such as stems or posts may restrict the diameter or require a tool of additional length. Many live tooling attachments are available that increase certain levels of speed, but are mechanically limited because of their size. Reciprocating attachments for broaching have limited stroke length, but are able to drasti- cally reduce cycle time in the correct application. Last, custom tools are designed around attachments such as thread whirling and rotary broaching, so the limitations of these attachments must be part of the custom tool devel- opment process. Go Time Te design of an efective tool can begin once a tool manufacturer understands the abilities of a machine and For more information: Horn USA :: 615-771-4100 For more articles about cutting tools for precision machining, visit PM's Cutting Tools Zone. LINK :: comprehends the component requirements. An engineer will take these factors and the customer's ideas into consid- eration when designing an application-specifc tool. When the development process is truly collaborative, custom tools are especially efective because of their appli- cation-specifc nature. Advancements in manufacturing technology ensure reliability and ease of use. A material-specifc focus allows the use of peak feed rates and chip loads in the most stable setup possible. And it's an evolution. Te technology behind today's standard- ized cutting tools is advanced through the development of customized tooling. CUT TING TOOLS 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2014

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