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The QuickFlex system includes two independent taper connections. The short taper (8), located closely behind the thread of the collet chuck, is for radial centering and axial support of the QuickFlex adapter. This taper contributes to the precision of the system, independent of possible abrasion at the cone of the ER collet chuck. The location of the taper behind the thread (7) keeps it protected against chips and dirt for long-term continued precision. The short taper also works as a defned contact face, whereas the rear part of the ER collet chuck cone guarantees backlash-free radial bending support of the QuickFlex adapter (11). Combined with the large thread (7), these two taper connections lead to the high rigidity and stability of the system. Additionally, the full performance can be transmitted from the turning center to the cutting tools. The polygonal torque transmission (10) is placed just behind the radial support. The diagrams show: 1. Toolholder 2. QuickFlex chuck 3. Collet 4. Collet nut 5. QuickFlex adapter 6. One-hand wrench 7. Thread for QuickFlex adapter and collet nut 8. Short taper for radial centering and axial support of the QuickFlex adapter 9. Taper of the ER collet chuck 10. Polygonal torque transmission for QuickFlex adapter 11. Radial bending support of the QuickFlex adapter for high stifness under load SyStem DetailS Designed for precision and performance, the system also provides quick tool change with its one-hand wrench, which is used to hold the QuickFlex spindle while the large collet nut is tightened with the spanner wrench. Adapters (which use the built-in thread nut) are tightened the same way. Te system is also designed for fexibility. While the toolholder can be used without a quick- change system, a quick- change function can be easily added. Adding quick-change adapters after the initial purchase can reduce tool change time even more dramati- cally. Te complete quick starter kit includes three diferent adapters and a one-hand wrench set. In the past, changing tools has been difcult, time consuming, and in some cases, risky. Te QuickFlex system is designed to address these issues. "With QuickFlex, our goal was to develop a compact, simple and safe quick-change system for driven toolholders," says Karlheinz Jansen, technical director and member of management, WTO GmbH. For more information: WTO Inc. :: 704-714-7765 Shaving Seconds with Faster Quick-Change Tool Systems Tis shop uses quick-change systems to assist in quick turn- around for short-run, prototype and specialty part production. liNK :: short.production teCH BRieFS :: 27 0314_PM_TechBriefs.indd 27 2/12/2014 10:37:07 AM

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