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JUL 2013

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PRODUCTS CNC 5C Collet Pneumatic Indexer Saves Setup Time This 5C indexer was designed to save setup time when used with a keypad control; push-button 5C pneumatic collet opener/closer; up Bridgeport-type mill and accurate 6" angle lock vise. With the vice to 1 1/16" diameter stock that extends through collet and mount- indicated in, the indexer can be quickly clamped either vertically ing plate; hardened 4140 steel-mounting plate precision ground or horizontally. Alignment with the vice is assured by the precision for squareness; hardened 5C spindle; two compatible long-wearing ground steel mounting plate. The pneumatic 5C collet is opened steels make up precision hobbed collet plate and worm gear set; and closed with a simple push/pull knob. micro-stepping DC motor allows accurate division of a circle into After the indexing operation is completed, the indexer is re- 28,000 increments; the motor is protected in aluminum housing; moved from the vice. The indexer is based on its 4" CNC rotary and more. table. Its features include easy to program, stand-alone electronic :: Sherline Products Inc., 760-744-3674, Blind Hole Tap for LongChipping High Tensile Strength Tools T HE CU T TIN G EDGE The Walter Prototyp Paradur short chip HT blind hole tap is designed to increase process reliability and quality when tapping longchipping high tensile (HT) strength steels. The design of the tap has a 15-degree helix angle for easy chip removal even in deep (3.5 × D) and protected threads, the company says. This reduces to a 9-degree helix angle which, combined with a ground rake in the chamfer, ensures the creation of short chips. Axial internal cooling rinses these chips out of the hole through the spiral futes. The cutting edges have an adjusted rake angle. Tool life is enhanced by a THL hard coating, except on the re- NEW duced helix in the lower section of the tool, which is ground after the coating is applied. The bare surface of the rake at this point aids chip breaking. This combination of features enables the Prototyp Paradur Short Chip HT to reduce machine downtime, reduce tooling costs due to longer tool life, and produce clean and chip-free threads, according to the company. Interference contour is no SCTAdvantageIndexableCuttingToolSystem • Micrograincarbideshank with a hardened steel head. • Pocketdesignedformaximum chip clearance keeps chips away fromsurfacebeingmachined. • Lowproflescrewkeepschipsfowing forbettertoolperformance. • Barsstockedwithorwithoutlocatingfat. problem because of the short chips. While • Availableinrighthandandlefthandversions. on high-tensile, long chipping materials, it • Insertsarelappedandgroundtoafnefnish. can also be used on low-tensile strength Solid carbide boring, Grooving and threading tools • ToolswillftintoourstandardQHCcoolant tool holders giving you coolant where you need it. the short chip HT delivers these benefts We use premium Micrograin carbide and tools are stocked uncoated and ALTiN coated • Minimumborediameterstartingat.220". Thread mills Port tools materials such as aluminum alloys or ductile cast iron. :: Walter USA, LLC SCIENTIFICCUTTINGTOOLS,INC 110W.EasyStreet/SimiValley,CA93065/800.383.2244/805.584.9629(fax)/info@sct-usa/ 800-945-5554, :: 57

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